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bone marrow biopsy

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20 10, 2012

More about my inelastic bone marrow, MDS and a trip to Boca

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I have received a number of supportive emails, following yesterday's post about what I can my "inelastic bone marrow."  Let's face it.  It is pretty pathetic that even following more than a week's rest and a neupogen shot, my absolute neutrophil count (ANC) wouldn't budge. I'm not big on repeating my past myeloma history, but

12 01, 2011

More About Bone Marrow Biopsy Technology From A Patient’s Perspective

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Yesterday I set the stage for an unexpected storyline I uncovered while doing research for my story comparing and contrasting bone marrow biopsy technology at the American Society of Hematology meetings in Orlando, Florida last December. My original plan was to write the story from a patient's perspective. I would compare, contrast and evaluate different