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28 10, 2014

Researcher argues diet can help slow myeloma

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A new reader, Hailey, from Washington, DC, sent me a link to this fascinating video about using nutrition to help defeat cancer.  Recorded in 2010, the advice presented by researcher, Dr. William Li, is timeless.  Give it a look; success by patients with multiple myeloma are featured in the presentation: I love this guy!  

7 07, 2014

Weighing pros and cons of L-glutamine

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Talk about conflicting data!   According to a number of researchers, the amino acid, L-glutamine, may be bad for multiple myeloma patients.  Yet taken in large enough doses it clearly helps many control their peripheral neuropathy. Danny Parker and I have warned our readers repeatedly about the risks of taking L-glutamine (most shorten it to "glutamine")

6 07, 2014

Experts starting to agree: Myeloma and diet linked

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Topping yesterday's summary list of foods for multiple myeloma patients to avoid: excessively toasted breads and baked goods. The process produces a acrylamide, a well known carcinogen.  For years myeloma specialists have told patients that diet has nothing to do with multiple myeloma.  This was still the prevailing view in 2012.  Danny Parker was ahead

26 01, 2014

Advice from cancer nutrition expert Dr. Donald Abrams

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Last week I shared a number of useful suggestions made on-air by my special guest, Dr. Donald Abrahms, on our monthly Cure Talk broadcast.  Here are some more: * Dr. Abrahms recommends eating mushrooms regularly.  Standard common button mushrooms you can find in supermarkets are fine.  But he was referring to what he called medicinal

2 09, 2013

Special Labor Day broadcast with nutrition info for myeloma patients

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Don't forget to tune-in tonight at 6 PM Eastern to listen to my live interview with columnist Danny Parker.  You can listen by phone or on your computer.  Here's the link: Still time to email Priya your questions.  It will be a full, possibly life-changing hour of what to eat, not to eat and

31 08, 2013

Foods and supplements myeloma patients should avoid (Part Four)

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Time to finish-up the last contraindicated foods and supplements on my list of no-no's for multiple myeloma patients: 6)  Too much alcohol 7)  Otherwise healthy things not to take with Velcade 8)  Glucosamine 9)  Alpha lipoic acid 10)  Concentrated antioxidant supplements Too much alcohol?  This started a firestorm of comments; both serious and tongue-in-cheek.  Once

29 08, 2013

Foods and supplements myeloma patients should avoid (Part Three)

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Let's pause here for some healthy perspective.  I'm not suggesting that all myeloma patients never eat a piece of chocolate birthday cake or drink a glass of wine.  That's crazy!  This list of foods and supplements to avoid is a basic guideline. I've been receiving emails that sound like they're from petulant children that don't

28 08, 2013

On-air support group tonight; Danny Parker featured Monday

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I will write more about foods and supplements for myeloma patients to avoid tomorrow.  Today I need to promo a pair of important Cure Panel Talk Show broadcasts, starting with tonight's live, on-air support group.  We will be discussing Treatment Extremes: Comparing and Contrasting Different Treatment Options. Here's the link to register for the 6

24 08, 2013

Foods and supplements myeloma patients should avoid (Part One)

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In my ongoing series, Alternative/complimentary medicine for myeloma patients,  I have been focusing on foods and supplements we should consume.  Now how about a few to avoid. This list is more controversial than the others.  The science behind some of these contraindicated foods and supplements is lab based; there's no live human studies to support

6 06, 2013

You can still register for broadcast about nutrition tonight!

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It still isn't too late to register to ask questions on tonight's Nutrition broadcast. And I forgot to mention what may be the most noteworthy event of the month; a Myeloma Cure Panel featuring baseball and myeloma survivor, Don Baylor, and Dr. James Berenson from LA: Here's the link to register for tonight and

29 05, 2013

The anticipation of exploring exciting possibilities: Start planning a party for 2020!

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Yesterday I described an imaginary journey I had concocted while walking with my wife and dog the evening before:  I had fantasized about how I would still alive after 11 hard-fought years. Unlike more common fantasies like winning the lottery, my dream could actually become a reality.  Winning a sweepstakes or lottery involves a lot

18 05, 2013

Exercise & Multiple Myeloma (Part Three)

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Our good friend and healthy lifestyle columnist, Danny Parker, has been off-the-grid for several days at a Buddhist retreat.  Upon his return, Danny discovered lots of comments and questions about Interleukin-6 (IL-6).  He has been gracious enough to put-together an unscheduled column to try and help explain what's going on: Exercise & Myeloma: Part 3

7 05, 2013

Exercise & Multiple Myeloma (Part One)

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I recently referred to fellow Floridian, Danny Parker, as a MMB  "lifestyle columnist."   I had labeled him as our nutritional columnist, but understanding the breadth of Danny's experience, I don't think that's sufficient anymore. Danny is a published author, scientist and engineer.  He is also a Zen Buddhist priest, making Danny a modern day Renaissance