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11 10, 2014

Oceanfront reflections of Boston

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Still don't feel well, but I don't care.  Our walk on the beach this morning was spectacular! An osprey dove from 200 ft above straight down, snatching a glistening silver fish in his talons six paces in front of us.  Later a pelican swooped 10 feet above us, cutting suddenly out to sea and skimming

5 06, 2013

Hope for the best but plan for the worst: Develop a patient care contingency plan

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What happens if your caregiver can't help anymore?  Or if you've never had a caregiver in the first place? After unexpectedly being left without a caregiver last month following hip replacement surgery, I was forced to adjust my hospital schedule in order to adapt.  The flair-up of Pattie's chronically bad back, at just the wrong

13 05, 2013

What happens if your caregiver can’t help anymore?

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70% of multiple myeloma patients are over 70 years old.  So it isn't unreasonable to anticipate that a wife or husband--currently acting as caregiver--might be blindsided by a serious medical setback themselves.  What then?  Do you have a contingency plan? That's the challenge my wife, Pattie, and I faced this past weekend.  Pattie has been

19 02, 2011

Interview: Pat & Pattie Talk About Living With Multiple Myeloma – Part One

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Here is a link to the first of a series of interviews I did for a wonderful, new patient-centered website,, on how he and his family cope with his disease--and how it affects their daily lives.My wife, Pattie, also shared here expereinces as well.  I was both pleased and surprised she agreed to participate, considering how

25 01, 2011

I Just Finished My First Day As A Caregiver Again…

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As my regular readers probably know, my wife Pattie is a three time cancer survivor.  She had three different cancers--all before my diagnosis around four years ago.No--my wife doesn't have cancer again, thank God!  But our adopted "son," Finnegan does.  Finnegan is an eight year English pointer mix.  A shelter dog, we saved Finn from

23 07, 2009

Do I Want To Live 17 Years?

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Tomorrow when I (hopefully) feel better, I will post more about the exciting technical aspects of my trip to Boston. Some pretty amazing advances will be coming soon to an oncologist's office near you! But first, I want to share some personal health issues with you that I have had to deal with the past