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24 01, 2016

FDA expands access to Kyprolis. Big news?

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Friday the FDA expanded it's approval of how and when carfilzomib (Kyprolis) can be used. Trumpets sounded. I counted eleven industry news outlets that led with the story. My reaction? Big yawn. I wasn't even going to post about it. But Saturday a half dozen more publications ran stories about it, so I felt we

26 09, 2015

New “gold standard” therapy for multiple myeloma?

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Last year at ASH, everyone was anticipating FDA approval of carfilzomib (Kyrpolis) and pomalidomide (Pomalyst). It felt a lot like it does now, expecting the first two myeloma related immunotherapies, elotuzumab and daratumumab, to be approved within the next six months. I remember several high profile myeloma specialists (the IMF's Dr. Durie and Dana-Farber's Dr.

10 07, 2015

Another positive step toward myeloma awareness

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I was pleasantly surprised to find this high profile article on line yesterday Triple Drug Tx Effective for Smoldering Multiple Myeloma A new standard of care? MEDPAGETODAY - Sanjay Gupta, M.D., Editor Contributing Writer: Pam Harrison July 8th, 2015 Further evidence has emerged that supports the safety and efficacy of a proteasome inhibitor-immunomodulatory drug combination

19 09, 2014

Relapsed/refractory patients face difficult choices

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I reported back Wednesday afternoon after meeting with my myeloma specialist, Dr. Roy, at Mayo Clinic.  The contrast between Dr. Roy's slow and steady incremental therapy approach, and the "hit the myeloma hard" Total Therapy approach preferred by Dr. Tricot on Wednesday night's broadcast couldn't have been more stark. Dr. Tricot enthusiastically stated that he

1 08, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: For many, more Kyprolis is better

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A Stage 2 clinical trial has confirmed what many myeloma specialists already knew: increasing Kyprolis dosing improves patient outcomes. Here are the results, published in BLOOD and run in Hem Onc Today: Higher carfilzomib dose induced durable response in multiple myeloma A higher dose of carfilzomib induced a high overall response rate and “a remarkable

20 12, 2013

Notable Kyprolis data from ASH

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2013 was a big year for Onyx Pharmaceutical and their novel therapy agent, Kyprolis (carfilzomib).  First, the FDA approved Kyprolis for use in relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma patients in July.  Next, Onyx was acquired by Amgen in October, providing a much needed cash infusion to help support a mounting list of clinical trials. Here's a summary

29 09, 2013

Reminder: On-air myeloma support group meeting tomorrow at 6 PM

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I would like to remind my readers about tomorrow evening's on-air myeloma support group, sponsored by Cure Talk.  Priya Menon produces the broadcasts.  She blogged about how the concept got started--and Monday's 6 PM meeting--on the Cure Talk's website last week: Myeloma Survivors Reaching Out Across The Globe and Connecting on Cure Panel’s Live On

25 08, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Amgen to buy Onyx Pharmaceuticals

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This is BIG NEWS, especially for a Sunday afternoon: Amgen to Acquire Onyx Pharmaceuticals for $125 per Share in Cash Attractive Addition to Amgen's Leading Oncology Portfolio and Pipeline Kyprolis(R) (carfilzomib) for Injection Is at Early Stages of Launch in Multiple Myeloma; Showing Strong Physician Support Acquisition Expected to Contribute to Growth and Value for

27 05, 2013

High risk myeloma patients: Would you like the good or bad news first?

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Depending on which myeloma expert you ask, roughly 85% of multiple myeloma patients are considered to be "standard" or "low risk."  I'm fortunate to fall into this most common category.  And because I do--and so many other patients do, too--I tend to write most about us.  But what about high risk patients? Ironically, two or

19 03, 2013

Responding to IMiD and proteasome inhibitor may be game changer

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Friday I left everyone hanging when I wrote:  Monday I am going to explain how this seemingly mundane result–a 0.2 M-spike–may have been the most fateful news I have ever received as a soon to be six year multiple myeloma survivor.  I know I said Monday.  But I couldn't resist yesterday's fun and frivolous, self

12 03, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: HIV drug may help Velcade and Kyprolis work better

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  I haven't had a chance to review the data yet, but Danny Parker forwarded me these links moments ago: Pat, This just off the medical press and called out by Dr. Robert Orlowski. Oral protease inhibitor, Nelfinavir, used against HIV, enhances the activity of Bortezomib against myeloma. Even more important, it appears to overcome

13 12, 2012

Impatient readers? I LOVE IT!

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I love the fact that my email in-box is filling-up with notes from readers who are interested in specific poster and oral presentations from this year's ASH!  Many of those interested are either in a specific study, or have friends or family that are involved in one of these clinical trials. First, a confession.  Even