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23 08, 2010

Agent Orange, Multiple Myeloma & A Warrior Named Hank

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Yesterday I shared a poem, written by a fellow multiple myeloma patient named Hank, about his battle with multiple myeloma.Hank fought another battle--a battle in Viet Nam.  It is hard to identify hard and fast causes for multiple myeloma.  One of the few which have been identified is exposure to Agent Orange.  Could that be how/why

15 02, 2010

Peripheral Neuropathy: A Daily Burden For Most Multiple Myeloma Patients

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Peripheral neuropathy (PN) is an ever present consideration for any multiple myeloma patient considering which therapy path to take. My posts from the past few days are a good example of this. Thalomid and Velcade are notorious for causing PN. Not in all patients, of course—and the symptoms and severity vary from patient to patient. The

5 10, 2009

What About Multiple Myeloma?

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On my other blog, www.HelpWithCancer.Org, Pattie and I just commented about the NFL and how the league is helping to raise breast cancer awareness by having players and coaches wear pink shoe laces, hats and accessories before, during and after the games. Anyway, short and sweet, here is what we wrote:The NFL Looks Good In