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chemo brain

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29 11, 2014

Managing chemotherapy side effects (Part Three)

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Regular reader and MMB contributor, Mark, an allogeneic stem cell transplant recipient, has already commented several times about the effects ongoing chemotherapy has on our cognitive abilities.  Yes, Virginia, chemo brain is real! Up to this point, my chemo induced "fog" seemed to be cumulative; the result of years of never ending chemotherapy.  It became

9 11, 2014

Reflecting back on a close call

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Something concerning happened to me Sunday afternoon.  Pattie and I were driving together running errands.  I needed to turnaround on the main route into town and head back home. I thought that I was thinking ahead and paying attention.  U-turns are legal from most turn lanes in Florida.  This one was no exception.  But there

18 10, 2013

More about chemo brain

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Yesterday I ran a story about a chemo brain study that's recruiting participants at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa.  My good friend, Robin Tuohy, forwarded me a pair of additional links about chemo brain, including a study following stem cell transplantation, and a  YouTube video by Dr. Durie on the topic:  

17 10, 2013

Can chemo brain be fixed?

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Regular readers know that I'm being treated at Moffitt Cancer Center--on the campus of the University of South Florida--ever since I relocated to Florida just over four years ago.  I'm proud to share the news that Moffitt researchers are exploring ways to improve the cognitive impairment that often develops in patients undergoing long term chemotherapy,