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chemotherapy infection risk

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19 07, 2015

Infection changes everything

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Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE). Scary sounding. I've been battling one or more bacterial infections since I got here. Turns out one of them is a VRE. Come to think about it, I've probably had it for months; think back to my mysterious urinary tract infection (UTI) that was never officially diagnosed back home. Levaquin knocked it

3 05, 2014

Dealing with–and preventing–infections with myeloma (Part Two)

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Here's Part Two of Danny Parker's expose' about ways to avoid the shingles virus and other infections: As January gave way to February, the pain and shingles continued. I went to an infectious disease doctor and the recommendation was to stay on the therapeutic dose of Valtrex and also to have IviG infusions. That wasn’t

9 11, 2013

Myeloma News: Infection risk, positive allo transplant data, follow up with Dr. Hofmeister

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Today seemed like a good day to catch up on some important myeloma related topics. Anthony, a fellow support group leader from California, sent me this article he found in Today's Caregiver (  Here's an excerpt: Understanding the Risk of Infection During Chemotherapy What is Nadir? Chemotherapy treatment will usually involve a number of chemotherapy