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27 08, 2014

RESEARCH UPDATE: Kyrpolis and Total Therapy 3

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I have written a number of times about counter-intuitive research results involving progression free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS).  Here's another key example. I chose not to write about recent data from FOCUS, a key Kyprolis trial.  The drug's manufacturer, Onyx/Amgen, is attempting to garner FDA approval for myeloma patients that have relapsed two

1 08, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: For many, more Kyprolis is better

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A Stage 2 clinical trial has confirmed what many myeloma specialists already knew: increasing Kyprolis dosing improves patient outcomes. Here are the results, published in BLOOD and run in Hem Onc Today: Higher carfilzomib dose induced durable response in multiple myeloma A higher dose of carfilzomib induced a high overall response rate and “a remarkable

22 07, 2014

New daratumumab study enrolling newly diagnosed, older patients

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Janssen Biotech recently announced that it's enrolling newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients that aren't eligible for a stem cell transplant.  The majority of ineligible transplant patients are older, but younger patients that are too sick to transplant can join the study, too. Here are the details, courtesy Pharmaceutical Business Janssen to start phase III

6 05, 2014

New daratumumab study recruiting now

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Genmab, the makers of the experimental immunotherapy, daratumumab, announced plans to launch a new Phase 3 study for relapsed/refractory patients last week: Genmab Announces New Phase III Study of Daratumumab in Multiple Myeloma & Improves 2014 Financial Guidance PDF Company Announcement Second Phase III study of daratumumab in multiple myeloma Patient recruitment to start in

24 03, 2014

Relapse review: What should Pat do next?

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I hadn't planned to write a follow up post about me today.  But I can tell from the flood of emails and comments I've been getting that some readers are concerned  I'm sitting back and not doing enough to battle my relapse. And there does seem to be some confusion about my treatment plan moving

9 03, 2014

New daratumumab/Revlimid study recruiting now!

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There was good news on the drug development front this week.  Most myeloma experts agree that the experimental immunotherapy drug, daratumumab, is the most promising anti-myeloma drug in it's class so far.  Recruiting for a Stage 3 study is a good sign.  Here's an official press release about it: Genmab Announces Phase III Study of

19 08, 2013

Conflicting statistics make treating myeloma complicated; see a specialist!

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Sites like this one often share statistical data revealed to us through clinical studies.  On the surface it seems simple enough.  But things aren't always what they seem.  Let me explain. Most all of the news in myeloma research these days confirms the OS advantage of achieving a complete response (CR).  Logically this makes sense;

11 04, 2013

Stranger than fiction? Cialis an anti-myeloma drug?

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I ended yesterday's post with a flip blip about how Cialis features a precautionary warning specifically naming mutliple myeloma.  Ironic, since our good friend, Holt, followed-up with an even stranger Cialis-related email.  Turns-out that Cialis (tadalafil) is being tested in ongoing human studies as an anti-multiple meyloma drug!  You can't make this stuff up! According

9 03, 2012

Second opinions are important. So are attending support groups and joining clinical trials…

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Wednesday I participated in a March is Myeloma Awareness Month even at the Watson Clinics in Lakeland, Florida. This is a large complex/campus which features three or more large buildings covering what looks to be six city blocks.  I spent several hours in a newer, two story building dedicated to oncology; the Center for Cancer

20 08, 2011

If Taking Revlimid And/Or Velcade Isn’t Working For You Anymore, Don’t Forget About Elotuzumab And Panobinostat

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Once again, thank you for all of the emails I received with contact information for amyloidosis specialists that I could pass along to Bill and Diane.  The response was overwhelming! I don't know if you realize my blog is averaging around 1000 readers per day.  That's quite a lot for a site as specialized as