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5 01, 2016

Stem cell transplant fallout front and center in 2016 (Part Two)

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I kicked off my 2016 posts yesterday this way: "Euphoria over a myeloma free PET scan doesn't make everything else OK. I've been struggling with post transplant side effects... Still plenty of drama to kick off 2016." Monday I wrote about how stressful insurance mix-ups can be. And I didn't even get into the financial

15 06, 2013

Consolidation Therapy? Myeloma Cinderella clues-us-in

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After stepping-back and taking some time to establish her own rockin' blog, Myeloma Cinderella is back.  What a treat!  Back to back columns from my two favorite contributors. WARNING: You are leaving my acronym-free zone Myeloma Cinderella is big on acronyms--the alphabet soup I try to avoid--and often uses terms I don't normally use.  I

18 02, 2013

Total Therapy Demystified (Part Two)

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Today Nick break's Total Therapy (TT) down into distinct segements; induction, transplants, consolidation and maintenance. Total Therapy Demystified (Part Two) Multiple myeloma survivor and Total Therapy Patient Nick van Dyk PHASE ONE:  INDUCTION In traditional conservative treatment approaches, induction refers to the use of one or more agents to reduce disease burden before a transplant.

7 02, 2012

Looks like I just might be around for awhile…

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I met with my myeloma specialist, Dr. Melissa Alsina, at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa yesterday. Great news!  After completing my third, six week full dose RVD chemotherapy cycle, I learned that my monclonal protein reading (M-spike) has continued to edge downward. Let me back-up and fill-in a few of the blanks for our new

21 11, 2011

Today is a fateful day… I learn how well my post-transplant consolidation therapy is working

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I'm heading-off to Moffitt Cancer Center first thing this am to meet with my myeloma specialist, Dr. Melissa Alsina. My worsening M-protein test numbers--or M-spike--a few months following my autologous stem cell transplant were alarming.  Today I learn just how well my consolidation, post-SCT therapy using Revlimid, Velcade and dexamethasone is working. After five weeks

22 12, 2010

What Our Doctors Read Influences How Patients Are Treated – For Now That Means Using Lots Of Drugs & Invasive, Expensive Transplants

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What our doctors read in medical journals and publications which summarize research results and new therapy trends greatly influences how they are likely to act.Case in point:  Here is an article from the trade publication, Internal Medicine News about what is soon to be considered the "standard of care" for multiple myeloma patients:ORLANDO – For patients

20 12, 2010

More Ways To Raise Your Multiple Myeloma IQ

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Saturday I started sharing some basics for newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients and caregivers, Tips To Raise Your Multiple Myeloma IQ.We covered the what, how's and why's about interpreting a prognosis, how genetic abnormalities can complicate a diagnosis and understanding median life expectancy.  I can't emphasize enough how important it is to get a second opinion