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21 06, 2015

Ready or not, Iowa here I come!

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I spiked a fever Friday afternoon.  I thought it was because I finished mowing the lawn in the heat.  But Saturday the fever and headache returned.  So did dark, root beer colored urine.  Yep.  My UTI has made a comeback. Not feeling well didn't make it easy getting packed and ready to leave for Iowa

24 05, 2015

Begone, cramps!

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I've been getting lots of great suggestions about ways to try and stop cramping in my hands and legs via comments and email.  Knowing so many of you face similar challenges, here are some past posts with ideas about ways to help from readers: Reader suggestions: How to stop PM cramping   Reader suggestions to

20 05, 2015

Have any of you battled three hours of hand cramps?

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I want to apologize.  I didn't post yesterday; one of the first times I missed a daily post in six years.  Few know I've posted that long.  Three years ago we changed blogging platforms and I lost a lot of my original content.  But this WordPress is a lot more sophisticated, so move probably a

10 07, 2014

Reader suggestions to help stop cramping

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A loyal reader recently asked me to participate in an off-the-cuff, impromptu experiment.  Justin had noticed that I had been having trouble with cramps at night.  An avid runner, apparently he's often plagued by cramps, too. My cramping usually begins at 4 or 5 am, most always in my right calf and shin.  By now

29 05, 2011

Let’s Start A List Of Ways To Help Prevent Cramping At Night…

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Did any of you happen to read  comment following yesterday's post about the unsettling reaction I had earlier this week at my sub-q Velcade injection site?Lileng noticed how cramping was becoming a serious issue for me.  She suggested taking chloride supplements 4x 600mg. She also found tonic water which has quinine to be helpful, too. Which