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22 10, 2014

Curcumin, communication and computers

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Sometimes I suffer from techno paralysis. I want to apologize to anyone that has tried to reach me via email the last two days. When using an email that's attached to a registered domain name, an organization or business needs to pay a company to host the email. I had planned to switch companies and

13 08, 2014

Is immunosupplement, IP6, the real deal?

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Anyone familiar with a supplement called IP6?  A reader, Richard, swears it has stopped his myeloma in its tracks when other more conventional meds weren't helping at all. Myeloma Cinderella's suzierose must be in contact with Richard, too.  I see she wrote a post about it back in January: Dr. Shamsuddin Cancer Researcher and IP6

5 09, 2013

Exciting curcumin research revisited

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An impressive website,, just published an article about turmeric's  (curcumin) ability to destroy myeloma cells when combined with thalidomide.  I first wrote about this project back in July: Could synthesizing and combining anti-myeloma drugs make them more effective? staff writer, Ethan Huff, looks at things from a different angle.  Very interesting!  Allow

7 07, 2013

Could synthesizing and combining anti-myeloma drugs make them more effective?

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This is complicated stuff.  But apparently a group of scientists have successfully synthesized thalidomide and curcumin.  Taking things a step farther, researchers Kai Liu, Datong Zhang, Jeremy Chojnacki, Yuhong Du, Haian Fu, Steven Grant and Shijun Zhang have also been able to combine thalidomide and curcumin together, forming a compound that is exceptionally lethal to

6 03, 2013

Mayo Clinic’s Dr. S. Vincent Rajkumar: Doctors and patients should be cautious when using curcumin

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Myeloma patients in the know recognize curcumin, an extract of the spice turmeric, to be a potentially powerful anti-myeloma supplement.  But like most supplements, curcumin is unregulated and understudied.  Anecdotal evidence looks extremely promising.  So much so that activists (like me) in the myeloma community have endorsed it as a natural, inexpensive complementary medicine option

5 03, 2013

New study showcases curcumin

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Myeloma nutritional expert, Danny Parker, has been following curcumin research for years.  He emailed me last evening, excited about a new micro study he found: Pat, This study was just published on February 18th in the Journal of Hematological Malignancies, tracking two patients with smoldering myeloma.  Margaret Graziano surfaced it on her blog recently (,

28 08, 2012

Supplements that enhance Velcade’s performance

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Before I get started, I have been receiving emails and comments defending glucosamine. I understand!  I had been taking glucosamine for years.  It helped my knee pain improve measurably.  But Danny Parker convinced me to drop-it-off my long--and now shrinking--supplement list. Danny emailed me several times yesterday.  Allow me to share a few of his

18 07, 2012

The Spice: Curcumin and Myeloma (Part Two)

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Here is the second part of Danny Parker's timely and important two part series about the anti-myeloma super supplement, curcumin: The Spice: Curcumin and Myeloma (Part Two) In previous columns, I have emphasized the need to carefully consider any supplements you might take with myeloma and conventional treatments--and for good reason. As I hope I’ve

4 01, 2012

Nutritional plan to help maximize performance of my RVD therapy

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I met guest columnist and fellow multiple myeloma patient Danny Parker just over a year ago at ASH in Orlando, Florida. Danny had just been diagnosed with high risk disease and was preparing to undergo a stem cell transplant. We spent quite a bit of time together that evening.  It didn't take long to realize

26 09, 2011

Weighing Pros/Cons Of Taking Curcumin To Help Fight Multiple Myeloma: Theory Of Occam’s Razor Provides Clear Answer

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This weekend's article featured emails on the subject from a regular reader named Danny. He forwarded us links to several research studies on the subject. Well, Danny is at it again, this time using a philosophical angle. Here are his conclusions about curcumin--and why he feels simple deductive reasoning supports its use: Hi Pat, During