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3 07, 2014

Science fiction? NO! It’s myeloma therapy!

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Can myeloma research get any more complicated?  Check out this article, courtesy our friends at Dana-Farber: Scientists Engineer Nanoparticles to Prevent Bone Cancer, Strengthen Bones June 30, 2014 A research collaboration between Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and has utilized nanomedicine technologies to develop a drug-delivery system that can precisely target

13 10, 2013

Panobinostat helps 50% of relapsed patients in new Dana-Farber study

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When I first started covering multiple myeloma news five years ago, an experimental drug, panobinostat, was one of the first to catch my eye.  But after a hot start, "pan" was overshadowed by carfilzomib (Kyprolis) and pomalidomide (Pomalyst) and seemingly disappeared.  I'm pleased to report that panobinostat may be making a comeback. In an article

22 09, 2013

To transplant or not to transplant; that is the question!

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Did you happen to catch this in-depth report,Experts Disagree on Role of Transplant in Myeloma: New drugs provide powerful options, but little consensus on standard treatments, in Clinical Oncology News last weeks? Ted Bosworth's extensive piece casts a different light on the most common question asked by newly diagnosed patients and their caregivers.  Here are

28 07, 2013

Myeloma research team at Dana-Farber among the world’s best!

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Melanie Graham from Dana-Farber contacted me last week to let me know about an article featuring Dr. Anderson, Dr. Richardson and their colleague, Dr. Nikhil Munshi.  Myeloma geeks like me know that Ken Anderson and Paul Richardson are two of the most renowned myeloma specialists in the world.  If they made sets of baseball cards

25 02, 2013

Patient Snapshot: 21 year survivor, Jim Bond (Part One)

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I first heard Jim Bond's myeloma story four years ago.  I met Jim and his wonderful wife, Kathleen, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  We had volunteered to help Millennium Pharmaceuticals start a patient advisory board.  As we got to know each other in-between meetings, I learned that Jim was a sixteen year survivor, from Shaker Heights, Ohio,

12 09, 2012

Early lab results look promising for patients refractory to Velcade

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Our old friend, Dr. Kenneth Anderson, is at it again!  Check-out excerpts from Dana Farber's website about an experimental anti-myeloma molecule, P5091: Molecule shows effectiveness against drug-resistant myeloma Posted On: September 10, 2012 BOSTON––A molecule that targets the cell's machinery for breaking down unneeded proteins can kill multiple myeloma cancer cells resistant to the frontline

29 08, 2012

Dr. Bradner weighs-in on JQ1 debate

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Two weeks ago I re-visited the promising new anti-cancer therapy, JQ1, after learning that JQ1 may also hold the key to male contraception. If you haven't been following along,  last summer a group of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute scientists reported that they had "successfully disrupted the function of a cancer gene involved in the formation of most

25 05, 2012

A reader shares his step by step decision to undergo a stem cell transplant (Part Two)

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Yesterday in Part One of my post, patient reader (and now contributor) Bill O'Halloran shared the first steps in his decision making process about whether to undergo an autologous stem cell transplant--or possibly two. Let's resume Bill's analytical journey as he examines the pros and cons of transplanting now or later: Autologous Stem Cell Transplant

24 05, 2012

A reader shares his step by step decision to undergo a stem cell transplant (Part One)

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Most multiple myeloma patients under the age of 75--or sometimes even older--are faced with fateful decisions of if and when to undergo a stem cell transplant. An autologous stem cell transplant (SCT) is still the standard of care for patients who are healthy enough to undergo the procedure. They have become surprisingly safe and reliable. 

29 12, 2011

Dr. Paul Richardson reviews encouraging trial results from ASH

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Medscape Today has released an excellent written and video review of multiple myeloma-related news from ASH. Dr. Paul Richardson, well known myeloma specialist with Dana-Farber in Boston, kicks things off by reviewing results from several exciting new, experimental drugs that his research group are studying. MLN9708, an oral proteasome inhibitor, and marizomib, a particularly potent

1 11, 2011

JQ1 discovery worth a second look…

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I had a feeling that I might be "stirring things up a bit" when I wrote yesterday's article, New multiple myeloma research video is "smokin' hot"... But is there any real fire there? But the response has been overwhelming.  The thing many of you don't realize, is if three comments show-up following a particular blog