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Dana Farber Cancer Institute

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6 04, 2012

More good news about donor (allo) transplant safety and results

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A few days back I ran a post about how improvements in the way allogeneic transplants are administered may help reduce the number and severity of side-effects: Mini allogeneic (donor) transplants may turn-out to be great salvage therapy option In my post, I refer to some experimentation that lead Moffitt Cancer Center BMT doc, Mellissa

21 12, 2011

Back to ASH: A bit of good news from Dana-Farber researchers working with salvage therapy

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I haven't written much about panobinostat , another new, combination drug lately. Here is a press release I saved from last week which was issued by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  I have highlighted several points that I think are important: Multiple Myeloma Treatment: Experimental drug combination encouraging in relapsed multiple myeloma  San Diego- When the

5 09, 2011

Researchers Hope Shutting-Down MYC May Be Key To Defeating Myeloma

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As you know, I usually post information about sub-clinical multiple myeloma therapies on my site. But I wanted to share this exciting news from Dana-Farber researchers that I just found posted on Novel Approach Scores First Success Against Elusive Cancer Gene Dana-Farber Cancer Institute scientists have successfully disrupted the function of a cancer

8 12, 2010

Research Data About New, Experimental Anti-Myeloma Therapy Presented Yesterday At ASH

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Here is some deep, futuristic, highly technical research info which looked interesting from yesterday's ASH meetings:Presentation at American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting Confirms Inhibiting Unfolded Protein Response is Promising Researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in collaboration with MannKind Corporation generated results confirming that targeting the unfolded protein response (UPR) through the XBP-1 pathway impacts

19 01, 2010

Personal Testimonial For Care Recieved At The University of Arkansas Myeloma Research Center – Part One

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I asked reader and caregiver, Lori Puente, to write an article for our site, describing the care her husband, David, has received since November, 2008 at the University of Arkansas Myeloma Research Center.  Lori is a strong advocate for myeloma patients everywhere.  She feels that many patients are often not presented with a full range

14 01, 2010

Dana-Farber & Mayo Clinic Both Working On Revlimid/Velcade/Dex Combination Therapy For Multiple Myeloma

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This story was forwarded to me this morning from the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF).  This information isn't really new. News from December ASH meetings I attended in New Orleans will be released and re-released periodically until next major conference--most likely national oncology convention in Chicago this June.  The point I found interesting is both Dana-Farber

30 10, 2009

Notes From Managing Myeloma Teleconference

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Here are a few highlights for those of you that did not participate in the interactive program, Managing Myeloma: An Expert’s Update, featuring Dr. Kenneth Anderson of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The program was sponsored by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Thursday.Having been exposed to Dana-Farber’s myeloma treatment philosophy through patient and staffing contacts in Boston,

7 08, 2009

Perifosine Approved For Phase III Trial

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Found this article about new anti-cancer drug on U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced approval for a Phase 3 clinical trial evaluating perifosine in relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma patients. Perifosine, also known as KRX-0401, is an oral anti-cancer agent produced by Aeterna Zentaris and licensed in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico by