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Danny Parker

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28 11, 2015

Blood Glucose, MGUS, Myeloma & Metformin (Part Five)

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Earlier this week, Danny Parker posted some compelling evidence that a drug commonly used to help control blood sugar in diabetics, metformin, may possess significant anti-myeloma properties. But could it work even better when combined with other drugs? Here's Danny's next installment: Metformin and Ritonavir as Potential Therapeutic Agents? As we described last time, there

18 11, 2015

Blood Glucose, MGUS, Myeloma & Metformin (Part One)

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Last month our old friend and guest columnist, Danny Parker, approached me about writing a multi-part series about his passion: helping to control multiple myeloma using a combination of lifestyle, diet and possibly complimentary drugs not normally used to treat myeloma. I'm not sure how many of you know this, but Danny is a prolific

7 07, 2014

Weighing pros and cons of L-glutamine

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Talk about conflicting data!   According to a number of researchers, the amino acid, L-glutamine, may be bad for multiple myeloma patients.  Yet taken in large enough doses it clearly helps many control their peripheral neuropathy. Danny Parker and I have warned our readers repeatedly about the risks of taking L-glutamine (most shorten it to "glutamine")

29 06, 2014

More about alternative ways to monitor myeloma

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Friday I wrote a post about how differently multiple myeloma can manifest itself in patients--and how different patients react to and follow their myeloma.  I featured lifestyle columnist, Danny Parker, as on of my examples.  Danny was kind enough to finish what I started in this month's column: Dear Pat and others, I little more

3 05, 2014

Dealing with–and preventing–infections with myeloma (Part Two)

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Here's Part Two of Danny Parker's expose' about ways to avoid the shingles virus and other infections: As January gave way to February, the pain and shingles continued. I went to an infectious disease doctor and the recommendation was to stay on the therapeutic dose of Valtrex and also to have IviG infusions. That wasn’t

7 01, 2014

A Gift of Kindness (Part Two)

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I'm anxious to share Part Two of Danny Parker's column with you this morning.  I was moved when I read it: The Gift of Kindness (Part Two) What is your relationship with others? With the entire world? The gift of kindness flourishes when we extend our good wishes and intentions to the people and even

6 01, 2014

The Gift of Kindness (Part One)

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My good friend and myeloma lifestyle columnist, Danny Parker, has written a timely piece to help us kick off the new year: The Gift of Kindness All of us with myeloma face a difficult challenge– one that threatens our very life. We suffer a lot, endure treatments, face worry and have to watch those around

2 09, 2013

Special Labor Day broadcast with nutrition info for myeloma patients

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Don't forget to tune-in tonight at 6 PM Eastern to listen to my live interview with columnist Danny Parker.  You can listen by phone or on your computer.  Here's the link: Still time to email Priya your questions.  It will be a full, possibly life-changing hour of what to eat, not to eat and