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21 04, 2015

Reader stories can help us make difficult therapy decisions

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As most of you know, I've been facing the toughest therapy decision of my eight year multiple myeloma journey.  But this week's series of posts aren't about me.  They are a culmination of what I've been working on for years: collecting patient testimonials and feedback that can help all of us make life extending, uber-informed

3 07, 2013

Happy Birthday? Reflections two years post-transplant

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Things have been hectic and I’ve been out-of-touch this week.  I’ll explain why tomorrow.  It must have been crazy for me to forget my “birthday.”  It was two years ago Monday that my stem cells were infused back into my body following high dose chemotherapy.  In other words, this is the second anniversary of my

14 11, 2012

The collective wisdom of my readers is a powerful thing.

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To start, I would like to apologize to a number of readers that never saw their comments published.  I normally receive an email whenever someone comments on any post--or so I thought.  But I learned today that there were 27 comments from the past week or so waiting to be approved by “the Administrator.”  HEY! 

16 09, 2012

Have myeloma docs been too quick to dismiss option of using allo (donor) stem cell transplants as initial therapy?

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Allogeneic (donor) stem cell transplants aren't used much in multiple myeloma patients anymore.  And when they are, it is most often as a salvage therapy "hail Mary" type last resort that usually doesn't work very well. However, several of our regular readers have had good luck whith allos when used up-front as an early therapy.

30 03, 2012

Mini allogeneic (donor) transplants may turn-out to be great salvage therapy option

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It was easy to become a bit discouraged as I wrote my book last year, Stem Cell Transplants from a Patient's Perspective. As I interviews lots of donor transplant patients, it didn't take long to figure out that their side-effects were significant and long lasting. But I did speak with a few that tried mini