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30 11, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Combination therapy numbers including Kyprolis trending unexpectedly high

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Dr. Berenson dropped several bombshell this evening on our Myeloma Cure Panel discussion.  REAL NEWS! Although Dr. Berenson couldn’t share specific date that he will be presenting next week at ASH in Atlanta, he let slip that substituting Kyprolis for Velcade in RVD or other multiple drug resistant patients is achieving surprisingly high success rates.

11 12, 2011

Full coverage of Friday evening IMF Satellite Symposium event (Part Three)

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I know, I know.  I'm falling behind!  I'm so busy collecting and analyzing newly released myeloma related research data, I have barely had time to write. Here is the final installment of my three part report about the IMF's Friday evening Satellite Symposium. I saved the best for last!  Dr. Robert Orlowski with M.D. Anderson

11 11, 2011

Doxil Drug Shortage Update

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Last month I learned that my docs could not add Doxil to my RVD (Revlimid/Velcade/dexamethasone) consolidation treatment regimen.  Doxil is the drug Doxorubicin encapsulated in a closed lipid sphere.  Seems Doxil is part of the much publicized chemotherapy drug shortage. While this probably isn't a life or death thing for me, I hate to see

21 08, 2011

Carfilzomib, Elotuzumab, Panobinostat, Vorinostat And Arry520 All Show Promise In Late Stage Clinical Studies Against Multiple Myeloma

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Yesterday I wrote about three anti-myeloma clinical studies involving carfilzomib, elotuzumab and panobinostat. I referred to elotuzumab and panobinostat as promising "assisting type" drugs.  Also known as secondary or “helper” novel therapy agents, elotuzumab, panobinostat, vorinostat and/or ARRY520 are all showing promise working with primary novel therapy agents like thalidomide, Revlimid and Velcade. It is

8 06, 2011

More ASCO News, Along With A Short, Personal Medical Update

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Let's jump right in with more ASCO news. Of course, there were lots of study results featuring new drugs used in combination with Revlimid and Velcade.  As you should have noticed by now, the combination approach is the new "in thing" when treating myeloma.  The Revlimid/Velcade/dexamethasone (RVD) induction combination I'm enduring now, prior to my stem

8 11, 2010

Hope For Multiple Myeloma Patients When Revlimid & Velcade Stop Working

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I have received a number of calls and e-mails recently from patients who's multiple myeloma has become active again while using Revlimid, Velcade, or both.  Here is a short, hopeful response I found addressing this on the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) Website:Treatment Options for Relapsed or Refractory Patients Failing Revlimid and Velcade: Q&A with

8 08, 2010

Exciting New Multiple Myeloma Therapy Study Overview Published In Blood: Union Of Forces Advances Myeloma Care

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While attending an International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) Patient and Family Seminar last fall in Minneapolis, I met an impressive, young myeloma doc and researcher on the rise, Mayo Clinic's Dr. Kieth Stewart.  I felt he had a very reasonable and balanced approach to myeloma therapy.  Here is a research paper the prestigious hematological publication, Blood,

6 05, 2010

Lots Of Multiple Myeloma Related News

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Here are a number of multiple myeloma related news stories which have emerged over the past few days:Posted on 05/05/2010 in Pharmaceutical Company Product News Boehringer Ingelheim is to enter into partnership with cancer antibody specialist Micromet in order to develop a new treatment for multiple myeloma.The two firms' collaboration will be centred on a BiTE

5 12, 2009

Live! Five Different Presentations & Panel Discussion From ASH In New Orleans

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Program Director Dr. Brian Durie has just introduced tonight's panel: Dr. Mario Boccadoro from Italy, Dr. Philippe Moreau from France, Dr. Robert Orlowski with M.D. Anderson Cancer Centers and Dr. Vincent Rajkumar from Mayo Clinic. 400+ docs, researchers, drug reps, oncology nurses and a few of us patients, fill the room. The presentations have begun.

22 11, 2009

Secondary Combination Chemotherapy Drugs Can Help Primary Novel Therapy Drugs Work Better

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Dexamethasone has been combined with novel chemotherapy drugs like Thalomid, Velcade and Revlimid for years. But now there are a few newer drugs which are also starting to be used in combination as well. Doxil, cyclophosphamide and vorinostat are examples of this. All three are either available now, or have recently completed successful Phase III

7 11, 2009

Patient’s Lives Are Saved Daily With The Help Of Patient Advocates

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More about the patient conference at Millennium tomorrow. I received this e-mail from Debbie Stanley yesterday and, with her permission, wanted to share it with my readers:My husband had tandem transplants in April 2005 and September 2005. They didn't put him in remission so he started Velcade treatments. He had to stop after 3 treatments