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Dr. Bradner

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13 03, 2013

JQ1 Update: Dr. Bradner’s Harvard Medical School team continues to impress

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The prestigious, well known mainstream publication, The Atlantic, included noted cancer research scientist, Harvard Medical School's Jay Bradner, as a part of their Brave Thinkers series.  If you recall, Dr. Bradner has been working on the potentially game changing anti-cancer compound, JQ1. Jay Bradner, Research Scientist, Harvard Medical School Two years ago, after Jay Bradner

29 08, 2012

Dr. Bradner weighs-in on JQ1 debate

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Two weeks ago I re-visited the promising new anti-cancer therapy, JQ1, after learning that JQ1 may also hold the key to male contraception. If you haven't been following along,  last summer a group of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute scientists reported that they had "successfully disrupted the function of a cancer gene involved in the formation of most