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Dr. Dispenzieri

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9 02, 2013

Everything you always wanted to know about POM but were afraid to ask…

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The internet is flooded with excitement following the FDA's limited approval of celgene's newest IMiD, pomalidomide (trade name, POMALYST).  POM is an analogue of thalidomide (trade name, Thalomid).  Researchers actually developed POM before Revlimid, but sat on it for a decade--choosing to intensify clinical study activity recently, culminating in yesterday's FDA approval. I'm going to

4 03, 2012

More about measles virus clinical trial: Could myeloma cells be killed so fast it might endanger patients?

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Yesterday I re-visited the topic of a new anti-myeloma therapy Mayo Clinic researchers are investigating. My post focused on a Phase 1 study my friend, Mike, just joined called MCo38C, “A Phase 1 Trial of Systemic Administration of (Edmonston Strain) of Measles Virus, Genetically Engineered to Express NIS, with or without Cyclophosphamide in Patients with