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2 12, 2014

Myeloma News: panobinostat, Kyprolis, oprozomib, Dr. Berenson Q/A

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Here we go!  Holiday is past and one week to ASH.  First, looks like Novartis managed to buy more time to try and save FDA ponobinostat approval: FDA extends review of panobinostat for combination treatment of mutliple myeloma By: ELIZABETH MECHCATIE, Oncology Practice Digital Network Dec 1, 2014  The Food and Drug Administration’s review of panobinostat,

18 04, 2014

More about dexamethasone

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I've recently received a lot of constructive criticism from readers that feel my doctors should reduce my weekly dexamethasone dose--or eliminate it altogether. I understand the risks of higher dose, long term use of any corticoid steroid.  But statistics clearly show the anti-myeloma benefit that dex brings to the table. Before I get started, here's

22 09, 2013

To transplant or not to transplant; that is the question!

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Did you happen to catch this in-depth report,Experts Disagree on Role of Transplant in Myeloma: New drugs provide powerful options, but little consensus on standard treatments, in Clinical Oncology News last weeks? Ted Bosworth's extensive piece casts a different light on the most common question asked by newly diagnosed patients and their caregivers.  Here are

30 08, 2013

Pros and cons of taking L-glutamine and alpha lipoic acid

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You can't see behind the scenes into my email in-box, but if you could you would find the same backlash defending alpha lipoic acid (ALA)  that you can read in several comments following yesterday's post.  L-glutamine is also used to help minimize peripheral neuropathy symptoms.  It appears on my list, too.  Both  of these powerful

25 06, 2013

Peripheral neuropathy? Dr. Berenson recommends alpha lipoic acid

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Don Baylor wasn't the only prominent guest on our Blog Talk Radio panel Thursday evening.  Myeloma specialist, Dr. James Berenson, joined-in and gave his two cents worth, too. I mentioned this weekend that Dr. Berenson assertively stated there is no solid evidence in medical literature supporting the claim that stress is bad for a cancer

22 06, 2013

One patient’s inspiration can be another’s frustration…

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Thursday evening's Blog Talk Radio broadcast took me on a wild, emotional roller coaster ride.  Not so much while we were on-air; you're too busy thinking about what to ask or answer next.  Preparing for the show, I thought I was going to be asking questions, along with co-hosts, myeloma survivor Matt Goldman, and CureTalk's

20 06, 2013

Don’t miss broadcast this afternoon!

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Here's the link for those of you that would like to listen-in to my discussion with former baseball superstar and myeloma survivor, Don Baylor, and myeloma expert and vocal stem cell transplant critic and myeloma specialist,Dr. Jim Berenson, this afternoon at 5 PM: 

6 06, 2013

You can still register for broadcast about nutrition tonight!

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It still isn't too late to register to ask questions on tonight's Nutrition broadcast. And I forgot to mention what may be the most noteworthy event of the month; a Myeloma Cure Panel featuring baseball and myeloma survivor, Don Baylor, and Dr. James Berenson from LA: Here's the link to register for tonight and

10 12, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Berenson’s Kyprolis results live up to the hype!

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Two weeks ago, Dr. Berenson hinted on our Myeloma Cure Panel broadcast that there were surprisingly hopeful numbers in a study he was conducting on relapsed/refractory patients.  This trial is one of the under the radar, good news stories from ASH. I couldn't release these results until 6 PM Eastern time today.  I have highlighted

30 11, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Combination therapy numbers including Kyprolis trending unexpectedly high

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Dr. Berenson dropped several bombshell this evening on our Myeloma Cure Panel discussion.  REAL NEWS! Although Dr. Berenson couldn’t share specific date that he will be presenting next week at ASH in Atlanta, he let slip that substituting Kyprolis for Velcade in RVD or other multiple drug resistant patients is achieving surprisingly high success rates.

12 05, 2012

More about Revlimid and secondary cancer risk

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Concerned about FDA secondary cancer warnings when using Revlimid? Dr. James Berenson helps patients understand a new FDA investigation regarding the use of lenalidomide (Revlimid) and thalidomide in a timely interview by Patient Power founder and host, Andrew Schorr. Dr. Berenson also comments on a new study from Sweden regarding increased risk of blood clots

18 10, 2011

Dr. Berenson to release video series about MGUS

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One of the multiple myeloma specialists who reviewed my lab results last week, Dr. James Berenson, commented on an article I wrote last year about MGUS yesterday. I didn't want his comments to get lost, so I thought I would share them with you here: Pat – Just released a series of education videos on

1 03, 2011

New Webinar About Bone Health For Multiple Myeloma Survivors Available Online

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Yesterday I provided you with a link to a site on, where patients and/or caregivers can access video footage of other patients, all discussing how they live with their cancer. Today I would like to share a link to a webinar I conducted late last year with Dr. James Berenson in Los Angeles: Multiple Myeloma

12 11, 2010

Reader Shares His Multiple Myeloma Story

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Late last month I received this e-mail comment from fellow patient Jack Searight, in response to my four part series of articles following my visit with multiple myeloma specialist Dr. James Berenson in Los Angeles.   Jack apparently had trouble getting Blogger to accept his comment.  From my experience, Jack's difficulties are not unusual.  I think

29 10, 2010

Unexpected Tour Of The Institute For Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research: Interview With Dr. James Berenson- Part Four

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Dr. Berenson and I talked about a number of things while we toured his facility.  His disdain for using stem cell transplants (SCT) as a standard of care in newly diagnosed patients.  The growing trend of using maintenance therapy following these transplants, even though there is no clear cut evidence maintenance therapy extends median life

28 10, 2010

Unexpected Tour Of The Institute For Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research: Interview With Dr. James Berenson- Part Three

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There is no question stem cell transplants (SCTs) help many patients for a number of years. But the procedure is not without risk—and some patients get very little benefit in the end.As with most things in life, timing is everything! How and when it is best to undergo a SCT is one of the most