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Dr. Jesus San-Miguel

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21 07, 2013

Multiple Myeloma News

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The myeloma world doesn't stop turning just because I"m out of town visiting my father.   Let's catch-up on a few important odds 'n ends today. First, I received an email from a reader, questioning the value of the Mayo Clinic retrospective study that Danny Parker and I reported on yesterday.  The issue: the study or

16 03, 2013

Maintenance therapy from a physician’s perspective

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Interested in a detailed, in-depth discussion about maintenance therapy; how and when to use it?  Then check-out this excellent educational video, hosted by Dana-Farber's Dr. Paul Richardson: From Medscape Education Oncology Practical Strategies for Maintenance Therapy in Patients With Multiple Myeloma: A Case-Study Approach CME Paul G. Richardson, MD; Jesús F. San Miguel, MD, PhD Intended

7 12, 2012

To treat or not to treat smoldering myeloma

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There will be a lot of new information on MGUS and smoldering myeloma here at ASH this year. Dr. Jesus San-Miguel is kicking-things-off here right now, discussing the pros and cons of treating smoldering myeloma patients. In general, European studies show no advantage to treating smoldering patients early.  However, treating patients at highest risk of

7 12, 2012

Controversies in Multiple Myeloma IMF Symposium today in Atlanta

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The IMF's annual Satellite Symposium kicks-off ASH each year.  This year's event is at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.  Pretty impressive place!  And very impressive agenda. Titled "Controversies in Multiple Myeloma: Current Debates in Optimal Care, the five hour event features a who's who of the international myeloma world.  Check-out the faculty list:

21 11, 2012

Something new: Pat’s journal article review

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I stumbled upon a fascinating journal article while I was doing some research for the post I ran about John yesterday.  Although I had seen the acronym, VDR-PACE, I wasn't familiar with the PACE part (continuous infusions of cis-platin, doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide, etoposide) of John's VDR-PACE inpatient induction regimen. It seems that VDR (Velcade, dexamethasone and