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Dr. Ola Landgren

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29 06, 2014

More about alternative ways to monitor myeloma

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Friday I wrote a post about how differently multiple myeloma can manifest itself in patients--and how different patients react to and follow their myeloma.  I featured lifestyle columnist, Danny Parker, as on of my examples.  Danny was kind enough to finish what I started in this month's column: Dear Pat and others, I little more

11 09, 2013

Black Swan Research Initiative (Part Two)

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With few exceptions, most myeloma specialists don't believe that our cancer can be cured using therapy options available today.  These exceptions include a small percentage (5-10%) of allogeneic (donor) transplant recipients, and possibly some low risk, Total Therapy grads from Arkansas.  Any others are considered outliers; rare exceptions that don't fit the norm. Five years

30 03, 2013

Black Swan Initiative: Let’s focus on the possibilities

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After re-reading the comments my blog post generated Thursday, I can already tell it's time to dial-things-back a bit.  I had a chance to speak with someone close to the new Black Swan Initiative roll-out today.  He preferred I not quote him or use his name; he didn't want to upstage the announcement or contribute

7 12, 2012

High risk myeloma defined

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Dr. Ola Landgren, a Senior Investigator for the National Cancer Institute (NCI), is speaking now. I will post a picture of Dr. Landgren later--I'm falling behind. Dr. Landgren's presentation went from dry to fascinating quickly.  It turns out that some of the indicators that specialists have been using to identify high risk patients Currently, there

7 12, 2012

Controversies in Multiple Myeloma IMF Symposium today in Atlanta

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The IMF's annual Satellite Symposium kicks-off ASH each year.  This year's event is at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.  Pretty impressive place!  And very impressive agenda. Titled "Controversies in Multiple Myeloma: Current Debates in Optimal Care, the five hour event features a who's who of the international myeloma world.  Check-out the faculty list: