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Dr. Palumbo

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5 08, 2015

New myeloma staging system long overdue

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I think most myeloma experts would agree: its time for a myeloma staging system that incorporates genetic risk assessment. Italian specialist, Dr. Palumbo, and his team are proposing docs worldwide use their new system. Health Day gave Dr. Palumbo a shout out yesterday: Revised staging system prognostic for multiple myeloma August 4th, 2015 (HealthDay)—The International

9 02, 2013

Everything you always wanted to know about POM but were afraid to ask…

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The internet is flooded with excitement following the FDA's limited approval of celgene's newest IMiD, pomalidomide (trade name, POMALYST).  POM is an analogue of thalidomide (trade name, Thalomid).  Researchers actually developed POM before Revlimid, but sat on it for a decade--choosing to intensify clinical study activity recently, culminating in yesterday's FDA approval. I'm going to

23 12, 2011

As multiple myeloma patients live longer, secondary cancer risks need to be addressed…

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Yesterday I asked if this secondary cancer issue "is much to do about nothing, or something that concerns you enough to keep you up at night?" Based on the response, I have to conclude the answer is "NO!" I understand that this isn't a very pleasant topic to be discussing right before Christmas.  We can

22 12, 2011

Should multiple myeloma patients fear secondary cancer risk?

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The risk of developing a secondary cancer following years of ongoing treatment was a red-hot issue one year ago. Why?  A clinical study--presented at last year's ASH meetings in Orlando--showed multiple myeloma patients have an 8% risk of developing a secondary cancer if they use Revlimid maintenance following a stem cell transplant. The day following

10 12, 2011

Full coverage of Friday evening IMF Satellite Symposium event (Part Two)

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Last night I reported on lectures by the Mayo Clinic’s S. Vincent Rajkumar and Professor Jesus San-Miguel from Spain. The next speaker, Dr. Antonio Palumbo from Torino, Italy, spoke on novel approaches for transplantation-ineligible patients. Dr. Palumbo’s main point:  Hit myeloma early, with everything you can.  That includes transplant and/or combination therapies. Why?  He feels

11 10, 2010

New Italian Study Shows Two Different Approaches To Treating Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Patients Both Work–But Stem Cell Transplants Still Achieve Highest Percentage Of Complete Response (CR)

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e-CancerMedicalScience/Oncology ran a story about the ESMO 35 Italian study Sunday:ESMO 35: High response rates seen in Phase-III trial of chemotherapy, new drug and stem cells in myelomaPublished: 10/10/2010 15:01:57 The first study of its kind comparing two different approaches to treating newly diagnosed multiple myeloma has found that both treatments achieved a positive response,

13 07, 2010

More About When To Get A Stem Cell Transplant (SCT) & Success Of RVD Drug Combo

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Here is the body of the article about multiple myeloma related research studies I started to post yesterday,  Is It Time to Abandon Up-Front Transplantation in Multiple Myeloma? Elsevier Global Medical News, written by P. Wendling on the medical professionals only site, Oncology STAT: He (Dr. Jean-Luc Harousseau) cited data from several trials, including the pivotal phase