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Dr. Paul Richardson

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31 12, 2013

Best of ASH (Part Two)

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Interested in multiple myeloma?  It doesn't get any better than this.  Two of the world's foremost myeloma experts, Dr. Paul Richardson and Dr. Robert Orlowski, discuss data that they felt was most important from ASH: Medscape Oncology FIRST Trial Tops the Roster in Myeloma Be forewarned.   What fascinates brilliant researchers and clinicians may not be

28 12, 2013

Best of ASH13 (Part One)

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It's time.  Christmas is behind us in the rear view mirror.  New Years is fast approaching.  And most of us should be recovered from our ASH hangovers!  Not literal hangovers from drinking Hurricanes at Pat O'Briens... No, I'm referencing the hangover from data overload left by over 800 myeloma related abstracts presented at this year's

25 10, 2013

Dr. Richardson doesn’t disappoint!

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Dana-Farber's renown myeloma specialist, Dr. Paul Richardson, shared his thoughts about if, how and when autologous and/or allogeneic (using donor cells) stem cell transplants should be used to treat multiple myeloma. The program was scheduled to end after one hour.  But there were so many questions--and Dr. Richardson's answers were so thorough and detailed--the program

23 10, 2013

Dr. Paul Richardson this week; Dr. Craig Hofmeister next week

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Dana-Farber's Dr. Paul Richardson will be the featured guest on Thursday night's Myeloma Cure Panel broadcast.  And Ohio State's myeloma expert, Dr. Craig Hofmeister, will be joining us for our on-air multiple myeloma support group meeting next Tuesday. Click on the link below for the phone number to listen live via phone or on your

13 10, 2013

Panobinostat helps 50% of relapsed patients in new Dana-Farber study

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When I first started covering multiple myeloma news five years ago, an experimental drug, panobinostat, was one of the first to catch my eye.  But after a hot start, "pan" was overshadowed by carfilzomib (Kyprolis) and pomalidomide (Pomalyst) and seemingly disappeared.  I'm pleased to report that panobinostat may be making a comeback. In an article

28 07, 2013

Myeloma research team at Dana-Farber among the world’s best!

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Melanie Graham from Dana-Farber contacted me last week to let me know about an article featuring Dr. Anderson, Dr. Richardson and their colleague, Dr. Nikhil Munshi.  Myeloma geeks like me know that Ken Anderson and Paul Richardson are two of the most renowned myeloma specialists in the world.  If they made sets of baseball cards

30 03, 2013

Black Swan Initiative: Let’s focus on the possibilities

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After re-reading the comments my blog post generated Thursday, I can already tell it's time to dial-things-back a bit.  I had a chance to speak with someone close to the new Black Swan Initiative roll-out today.  He preferred I not quote him or use his name; he didn't want to upstage the announcement or contribute

16 03, 2013

Maintenance therapy from a physician’s perspective

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Interested in a detailed, in-depth discussion about maintenance therapy; how and when to use it?  Then check-out this excellent educational video, hosted by Dana-Farber's Dr. Paul Richardson: From Medscape Education Oncology Practical Strategies for Maintenance Therapy in Patients With Multiple Myeloma: A Case-Study Approach CME Paul G. Richardson, MD; Jesús F. San Miguel, MD, PhD Intended

2 02, 2013


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Our very own Myeloma Cinderella explores one of the four or five key controversial questions about myeloma therapy strategies this weekend: whether to use the newest and best drugs up-front, or keep them in reserve for relapse. The title of her column leaves no doubt about how suzierose feels: MYELOMA CINDERELLA: "NO ROLE FOR KEEPING

21 11, 2012

Something new: Pat’s journal article review

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I stumbled upon a fascinating journal article while I was doing some research for the post I ran about John yesterday.  Although I had seen the acronym, VDR-PACE, I wasn't familiar with the PACE part (continuous infusions of cis-platin, doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide, etoposide) of John's VDR-PACE inpatient induction regimen. It seems that VDR (Velcade, dexamethasone and

25 05, 2012

A reader shares his step by step decision to undergo a stem cell transplant (Part Two)

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Yesterday in Part One of my post, patient reader (and now contributor) Bill O'Halloran shared the first steps in his decision making process about whether to undergo an autologous stem cell transplant--or possibly two. Let's resume Bill's analytical journey as he examines the pros and cons of transplanting now or later: Autologous Stem Cell Transplant

24 05, 2012

A reader shares his step by step decision to undergo a stem cell transplant (Part One)

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Most multiple myeloma patients under the age of 75--or sometimes even older--are faced with fateful decisions of if and when to undergo a stem cell transplant. An autologous stem cell transplant (SCT) is still the standard of care for patients who are healthy enough to undergo the procedure. They have become surprisingly safe and reliable. 

29 12, 2011

Dr. Paul Richardson reviews encouraging trial results from ASH

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Medscape Today has released an excellent written and video review of multiple myeloma-related news from ASH. Dr. Paul Richardson, well known myeloma specialist with Dana-Farber in Boston, kicks things off by reviewing results from several exciting new, experimental drugs that his research group are studying. MLN9708, an oral proteasome inhibitor, and marizomib, a particularly potent

16 12, 2011

Data presented at the IMF’s Journalist Workshop takes me on an emotional roller-coaster ride (Part Two)

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I left off yesterday, talking about how a promising Revlimid maintenance clinical trial that was otherwise tarnished by a lack of improvement in overall survival (OS) among patients in the study. I forgot to mention that Dr. Richardson chimed-in, supporting Revlimid maintenance. “A similar study using thal/dex in the U.S. did show a measurable survival

7 05, 2011

Notes From MMRF Teleconference Feed From The Final Day Of The International Myeloma Workshop In Paris

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The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) is featuring a lot of info from this week's International Myeloma Workshop in Paris. But I wanted to get a slightly different take on the research information presented there, so I signed-up for a teleconference feed from Paris, sponsored by the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF). Here are my notes

28 06, 2010

IMF Sponsored Multiple Myeloma Video Updates From ASCO.

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Here is the link to a Website called Patient Power.  The topic:  Multiple Myeloma Updates From ASCO.This International Myeloma Foundation ACOR video presentation features Dr. Paul Richardson from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and head of transplantation and Dr. Sergio Giralt from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.  Worth a look!Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat