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Dr. Richardson

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15 07, 2013

HDAC inhibitors work great in the lab. Why not better in patients?

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This weekend I shared how I was becoming anxious and frazzled with the added responsibility and concern for my dying father.  The mental and emotional health of myeloma patients and caregivers is an under-served and rarely addressed part of our lives.  You know me; I'm not going to let this go.  I will get back

25 02, 2013

Patient Snapshot: 21 year survivor, Jim Bond (Part One)

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I first heard Jim Bond's myeloma story four years ago.  I met Jim and his wonderful wife, Kathleen, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  We had volunteered to help Millennium Pharmaceuticals start a patient advisory board.  As we got to know each other in-between meetings, I learned that Jim was a sixteen year survivor, from Shaker Heights, Ohio,

9 02, 2013

Everything you always wanted to know about POM but were afraid to ask…

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The internet is flooded with excitement following the FDA's limited approval of celgene's newest IMiD, pomalidomide (trade name, POMALYST).  POM is an analogue of thalidomide (trade name, Thalomid).  Researchers actually developed POM before Revlimid, but sat on it for a decade--choosing to intensify clinical study activity recently, culminating in yesterday's FDA approval. I'm going to

21 12, 2011

Back to ASH: A bit of good news from Dana-Farber researchers working with salvage therapy

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I haven't written much about panobinostat , another new, combination drug lately. Here is a press release I saved from last week which was issued by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  I have highlighted several points that I think are important: Multiple Myeloma Treatment: Experimental drug combination encouraging in relapsed multiple myeloma  San Diego- When the

14 12, 2011

International Myeloma Foundation’s Journalist Workshop features multiple myeloma related highlights from ASH

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I just finished writing an article about Monday’s night International Myeloma Foundation’s Journalist Workshop.  I will provide a link to the article as soon as it runs on the IMF’s website. Here’s an excerpt/preview from the article as I set the scene from the 90 minute media event: Monday evening I attended the IMF’s post-ASH