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Dr. Vij

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17 07, 2010

Is A Stem Cell Transplant The Best Anti-Multiple Myeloma Therapy After First Relapse?

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Yesterday I began to describe the anti-myeloma strategy I expect to use once my multiple myeloma returns. As my myeloma slowly (very slowly, thank God!) begins to creep back, I am facing a number of important choices. Do I increase my Revlimid dose and frequency—then add dex to try and knock the cancer back again?

17 06, 2010

University Of Arkansas Medical Center Pushes Advances In High Risk Multiple Myeloma Therapy

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Before we move on, I wanted to share some of Dr. Ravi Vij's thoughts about UAMS—the University of Arkansas Medical Center. Myeloma docs and researchers there have been developing an aggressive form of anti-myeloma treatment called Total Therapy (TT). Arkansas myeloma specialist, Dr. Barlogie, and other UAMS myeloma researchers are best known for helping newly