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6 10, 2015

Myeloma patients need emotional support

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I've had to make some pretty tough therapy decisions lately. It got me thinking. Where do patients like us go for emotional support? Online? Hard for me to dis that approach. Support groups? They can be exceptional ways to learn more about our cancer. Phone counseling? Patient to patient mentoring? Seeing a therapist? How about

21 04, 2014

“You guys are like rusty old trucks!”

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Joan is always busy taking care her husband and myeloma patient, Don, along with their rural home and garden in the Hocking Hills of Ohio .  She emails me daily, sharing frustrations about Don's doctors, the cold, lousy weather and Don's cantankerous demeanor. Don is a lot older than I am, but we have something

10 04, 2014

The power of prayer

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Prayer.  I receive dozens of emails each week from readers kind enough to mention that they're praying for me.  I think it helps!  Knowing I have so many friends supporting me is encouraging. This weekend I received an unusual request.   Take a moment to read this touching email from Denise: Hello Pat- Thank you for

16 07, 2013

My new hip is healed. Not sure I can say the same emotionally…

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I had an early appointment with the specialist that performed my hip replacement surgery this morning, so I'm late getting back to you. That's not all I had going this am.  I also stepped across the street from Moffitt Cancer Center's main clinic building to visit the psych department.  I'm serious about following-up and seeking

19 06, 2013

Myeloma Updates: Durie/Novis insight & support group shout-out

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I have several different items to share with you today.  First, I have been saving a link to an in-depth article OncLive ran a week ago about the International Myeloma Foundation's power couple, Dr. Brian Durie and Susie Novis.  The article features fascinating personal insights, most of which were new to me; and I know

17 01, 2013

Free myeloma event January 28th at Moffitt

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Yesterday I wrote about a conversations I had with tough, never-say-die and long-lived multiple myeloma survivor, Dr. Arnold Goodman.  The meeting meant so much to me I practically gushed with admiration over Arnie's ability to overcome the difficult hand he has been dealt.  But I don't want to forget the reason we were there in