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first relapse to transplant

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10 10, 2011

We can all learn from my challenging, post-transplant journey

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For those of you who haven't visited this site recently, you are in for a surprise! What should have been a non-event--getting my first post-transplant M-protein numbers Thursday--proved to be a jaw-dropping stunner:  My M-spike actually rose from a pre-SCT number of 0.2, to a surprisingly higher 0.5. I received lots of emails and comments

19 08, 2011

How Am I Doing?

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OK, OK... I know I haven't been keeping everyone updated about how I'm doing, now seven weeks following my stem cell transplant. Most every day features some good parts and not so good parts.  My stomach continues to be an issue.  I am controlling the worst of it with medication and by eating lots of

10 08, 2011

I’m Feeling A Lot Better!

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How do my readers know I'm starting to feel better?  I'm busier posting myeloma related news than I am writing about my own medical ups and downs. For those of you who follow my blog to read about how I'm doing, I apologize.  I receive so many emails every day from readers with questions about

4 08, 2011

My Numbers From Yesterday’s Labs…

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It is 4 am as I write this.  I am tired and want to/need to sleep.  Unfortunately, an upset stomach is preventing me from sleeping. I have made a lot of progress with my digestive issues the past two days.  As a matter of fact, I have all but eliminated the problem during the day. 

2 08, 2011

As Promised: A Long Overdue Medical Update

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Yesterday I promised to share a few of my numbers--and how I'm doing with you. Today is a very good day.  I have been having lots of digestive issues as my new stomach adjusts to life post SCT.  Really--literally a new stomach--well, at least the lining. And the way it feels, maybe the acid "jets"

8 06, 2011

More ASCO News, Along With A Short, Personal Medical Update

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Let's jump right in with more ASCO news. Of course, there were lots of study results featuring new drugs used in combination with Revlimid and Velcade.  As you should have noticed by now, the combination approach is the new "in thing" when treating myeloma.  The Revlimid/Velcade/dexamethasone (RVD) induction combination I'm enduring now, prior to my stem

2 06, 2011

MEDICAL UPDATE: Invasion Of The PN Body Snatchers!

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I'm guessing most of you have seen one of the movie versions of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  You know, the movie where aliens visit earth, using human bodies as hosts to take over the world.    Movie poster from 1956 film                                         Movie poster from 1978 film That's how I have felt the last two or

29 05, 2011

Let’s Start A List Of Ways To Help Prevent Cramping At Night…

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Did any of you happen to read  comment following yesterday's post about the unsettling reaction I had earlier this week at my sub-q Velcade injection site?Lileng noticed how cramping was becoming a serious issue for me.  She suggested taking chloride supplements 4x 600mg. She also found tonic water which has quinine to be helpful, too. Which

28 05, 2011

Medical Update: Strange, Disturbing (and a bit funny!) Side-Effects…

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I am up at 6 am writing this. Severe leg cramps every time I try to lay back down. Fortunately, things settle down after five or ten minutes of standing and leaning against the counter in the kitchen. Then I'm able to sit at my work station with little or no discomfort. Guess someone is