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graft-versus-host disease

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17 06, 2015

More ways to limit GVHD. But does that negate graft vs myeloma effect?

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There is an all out debate going on among doctors and researchers in bone marrow transplant units countrywide.  Does an allo (donor) stem cell transplant need some degree of graft vs host disease in order to battle destroy multiple myeloma? Often called graft vs myeloma effect, the theory has been held for decades: in order

6 04, 2012

More good news about donor (allo) transplant safety and results

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A few days back I ran a post about how improvements in the way allogeneic transplants are administered may help reduce the number and severity of side-effects: Mini allogeneic (donor) transplants may turn-out to be great salvage therapy option In my post, I refer to some experimentation that lead Moffitt Cancer Center BMT doc, Mellissa

18 05, 2011

Plasma Cell Leukemia Patient Shares His Story…

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One of our readers, named Mark,  has a rare form of leukemia/myeloma called plasma cell leukemia (PCL).  PCL cells look a lot like myeloma cells, don't they?This is strange, aggressive stuff.  Some hematologists consider it to be a form of myeloma, others leukemia.  Apparently, it can start all by itself, or evolve later from myeloma.Let's

9 01, 2010

Swiss Study Attempting To Kill Multiple Myeloma Using "Killer Cells!"

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Here is part of the summary I found on clinical,  from an "out there" international study which is currently recruiting patients:High-dose chemotherapy with melphalan and autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is considered standard treatment for patients with multiple myeloma. While autologous HSCT may induce remission in patients resistant to standard chemotherapy, and has