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Happy Holidays!

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26 12, 2015

An amazing day that exceeded unrealistic expectations

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Sometimes Christmas day can be a letdown. Let's face it; the media and retailers build it up so much it's hard to live the idealized version. Am I right? That said, the time I spent today with Pattie, our Island Dog and Calypso Kitties was amazing. I didn't even think about checking email or posting

25 12, 2014

Remember less fortunate myeloma patients today

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Pattie and I are planning a quiet Christmas day at home.  We'll take Finnegan for a long walk along the beach, catch a movie and I'll cook us a turkey dinner with all the fixings.  As soon as it gets dark, we'll take a drive and scope out the best Christmas lights. Unimaginative?  Boring?  Maybe

26 12, 2013

Christmas Day at the beach

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What a wonderful Christmas Day!  While much of the country was recovering from a frigid, early winter hangover, the Tampa area was enjoying perfect sunny weather with temperatures in the mid-70's.  Hate me yet? Pattie and I spent the day with her family on Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, Florida.  We were able to bring Finnegan--our

24 12, 2013

Fun family photos help me remember life isn’t all about cancer

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Myeloma doesn't take a holiday.  But that doesn't mean that we can't! I received a lot of fun feedback over yesterday's post about how cannabidiol--a compound found in marijuana--may have anti-myeloma properties.  Yes, researchers are really attempting to move this forward; the Cialis thing, too. So let's have some more fun.  I created a festive,

25 12, 2012

Enjoy your holiday!

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Sorry today's post is so late.  Cleaning the house, pool and cooking for ten.  Good to see everyone, but I'm exhausted!  Young nieces and hard partying relatives will do that to you! In-between the racing and rushing around, I noticed that It's a Wonderful Life was on.  How can you not run across the classic