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17 07, 2014

We’re back online!

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Oops!  I noticed this morning that our server was down.  Not sure how long; site was working last evening. I'm not good with the technical stuff.  Sort of like myeloma genetics; I'm a writer, not a math or science guy.  I had a tech volunteer for a time.  Robb had a degree in internet marketing. 

29 08, 2013

Foods and supplements myeloma patients should avoid (Part Three)

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Let's pause here for some healthy perspective.  I'm not suggesting that all myeloma patients never eat a piece of chocolate birthday cake or drink a glass of wine.  That's crazy!  This list of foods and supplements to avoid is a basic guideline. I've been receiving emails that sound like they're from petulant children that don't

2 06, 2012

ASCO is all about immunotherapy!

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Still very slow on the myeloma front.  But incredible and hopeful news about immunotherapies continue to steal the show here at ASCO. First, did you happen to see the report about T-DM1 last night on NBC News?  Here is a link to Robert Bazell's report: Targeting tumors with fewer side-effects   Encouraging news, don't you

19 03, 2012

Help with site is new and improved!

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Our new and improved Help with site is up and running! Pattie and I started that blog way back in the fall of 2008.  We wanted to share our experiences as cancer survivors and caregivers--and to run articles about cancer related nutrition, alternative medicine, supplements and important research developments we felt were relevant to

5 11, 2011

Links to past articles about pros/cons of using antioxidants during chemotherapy

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As promised, I found some more info about the advantages and disadvantages of using antioxidants while undergoing chemotherapy. I didn't have to look very far--I featured a half dozen or so articles on the subject over the last few years on our site.  Here are the links: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 Be Careful When

8 03, 2011

Don’t Forget To Visit For Tips About Living With Cancer

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How long has it been since you visited our other daily site,  Lots of tips about nutrition, supplements, alternative medicine and exercise.Our site also features inspirational interviews with cancer survivors and caregivers.  Check it out when you get a chance.On an unrelated note, I would like to thank everyone who has been e-mailing me

30 12, 2010

Tips To Help You & Your Doctor Work Together

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Yesterday I shared an important article about how patients often don't hear what their oncologist is saying: Big Mistake: Most Patients Don't Listen Carefully To Their Oncologists.The bottom line:  “In several key areas, information was either missing or had been explained but was interpreted incorrectly by patients,” they said.  Discussion of prognosis was a frequent

8 12, 2010

Still More About Secondary Cancer Risk From Using Revlimd At

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I wrote more about the new, secondary cancer risk revelations connected with Revlimid in an article on our other daily, cancer related site, yesterday:  Two Examples Of Drugs With An 8% Risk Of Causing Secondary Cancers Revealed Yesterday: Avista & Revlimid. The article focuses on the strange but true coincidence of two unrelated and

17 11, 2010

Update On Telomerase Inhibitor, Imetelstat (GRN163L)

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I just wrote a follow-up article about Geron's experimental telomerase inhibitor, imetelstat, on my other daily Website,  More Positive Research News About Crossover Cancer Drug Imetelstat - Geron Announces Two Publications Demonstrating That Its Telomerase Inhibitor Drug Targets Cancer Stem Cells.I originally wrote about imetelstat back in April:  Geron, Maker Of Experimental Telomerase Inhibitor,