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high cost of chemotherapy drugs

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2 06, 2015

Groundbreaking immunotherapy drugs won’t be cheap, warns ranking ASCO oncologist

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As expected, general oncology news is overwhelming myeloma updates at this year's American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meetings in Chicago.  Emerging themes are dominated by success among several immunotherapies and biologics used to battle advanced melanoma (skin cancer), a number of other solid tumor cancer types and soft tissue sarcomas.  The overriding mainstream media

26 01, 2015

High cost of chemotherapy shouldn’t keep our doctors from trying

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Any news clip, article or column about multiple myeloma that appears in the mainstream media always gets my attention.  Myeloma survivor, Bob Tufts, makes some thoughtful points on his blog post last week in the Huffington Post.  Here's a pair of excerpts: This cost-based line of reasoning would have harmed me when I was diagnosed

6 10, 2014

60 Minutes broadcast investigates high cost of blood cancer drugs

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I have expressed concern about the high cost of chemotherapy meds for me and my fellow multiple myeloma patients a number of times.  So last night's 60 Minutes report about it really hit home. Here is an excerpt of the transcript that hits closest to home, featuring M.D. Anderson oncologist, Dr. Hagop Kantarjian discussing Gleevec,

2 06, 2013

Financial Toxicity: If myeloma doesn’t kill us, the cost of treatment will!

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One of the myelomal blogosphere's newest contributors, Myeloma Cinderella, turned-me-on to a fascinating article on Chemotherapy Advisor last week, Innovative Cancer Treatments Increase Patients' 'Financial Toxicity.'  In it, reporter Debra Hughes highlights just how expensive it can be once someone is diagnosed with cancer.  Of course, myeloma patients understand this all-too-well.  Yet the seeing the

9 04, 2011 Article Gives Us Answers As To Why Drug Costs Continue To Rise So Rapidly…

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The Blockbuster Drug Comes to an End - Forbes.comWidely used medicines are a thing of the past, which is why costs are rising.I usually save more general cancer related topics like this for or CancerNews.US.  But this is a short, quick read, featuring Geraldine Ferraro and a number of charts and graphs which help

17 03, 2011

An In-Depth Look At Financing Multiple Myeloma Treatment In Canada

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One of our Canadian readers, George Harrower, felt American myeloma survivors and caregivers might be interested in learning a bit about what it is like to finance treatment in Canada.George was kind enough to pass along his thoughts about navigating the Canadian health care system after being diagnosed with cancer:Pat-I read you blog request for

28 09, 2010 Article Expands On Our Ongoing Discussion About The High Cost Of Chemotherapy Drugs

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I just posted an article on our site I thought my readers here might be interested in: Controversial Article About The High Cost Of Chemotherapy DrugsThe post explores many of the same questions I posed in my five part series about the high cost of multiple myeloma related chemotherapy drugs from earlier this month.Although

29 08, 2010

Caught Between A Rock & A Hard Place: How Can I Be Critical Of The Company That Is Literally Saving My Life?

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Is it fair to criticize or attack one of the only pharma companies which is producing a group of anti cancer medications—Thalomid/Revlimid/pomalidomide—which actually work? A company, Celgene, which developed a drug—Revlimid--which probably saved my life?Yes! The fact I take Revlimid gives me extra insight and the right to be critical. I am a Celgene customer.