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25 07, 2013

Timing, irony, life and death

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Timing is everything.  This is short story about the irony of timing.  A real life-and-death account that begs the cliche': You can't make this stuff up! I flew back to Tampa last evening after spending six emotionally draining days with my father and family.  Spending the time with Dad was the easy part.  Playing referee

19 07, 2013

Notes from a visit home

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My father is stable but slipping away.  It's hard to comprehend why his condition has deteriorated so rapidly.  Three weeks ago he could speak clearly; at least for a few sentences before he lost his train of thought.  Now he can barely communicate.  He knows I'm here and seems to understand most of what I

11 07, 2013

Dad is doing better! But budget cuts hurt some in myeloma community

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I received an email about this example of the Federal Government's sequester mess directly affecting a multiple myeloma patient.  According to sources at the Denver Post, Maud Sandoval, 84, from Ft. Lupton, Colorado, a retired microbiologist, was originally diagnosed with multiple myeloma and refused radiation and chemo treatments in October 2011 after being told by

9 07, 2013

Please pray for my father…

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Timing is everything.  I spent four difficult but very special days with my ailing father in Rockford, Illinois last week.   A fall in the shower a month before and a nagging bladder infection had left him bedridden but still able to sit-up, eat and hold short conversations.  We even found a special wheel chair that

1 05, 2011

Sad News About My Friend, Linda

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Yesterday I wrote about a friend of mine and fellow Nature Coast Multiple Myeloma Support Group Member, Linda Howell.Linda had been resting comfortably in hospice as she slowly slipped away.  She died early this morning.In her mid seventies, Linda was bright and feisty.  She fought right up to the end.  Linda's caregiver, her sister Paulette,

30 04, 2011

"One Stop Shop?" Sometimes Things Can Be Too Convenient…

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I am currently undergoing RVD (Revlimid/Velcade/dexamethasone) chemotherapy at Florida Cancer Institute in Spring Hill, Florida.Since my myeloma specialist is located at Moffit Cancer Center--which is over an hour away--it is very convenient to get my infusion and radiation therapy a short ten minutes from home.Two weeks ago, I underwent a colonoscopy as well.  That was