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17 08, 2009

Anyone Learn Anything About HuLuc63 Or GRN163L?

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Last week I mentioned two new myeloma drugs on the horizon. Anyone know anything about these drugs? I know both are being tested in clinical trials. I know HuLuc63 is hoped to use the bodies monoclonal antibodies to destroy myeloma cells. I know GRN163L is a telomerase inhibitor, which hopefully will block an enzyme found

12 08, 2009

On The Horizon

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A new pamphlet from CancerCare, Advances in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma, highlights a number of new medications that may soon be available to treat multiple myeloma. Ways to use monoclonal antibodies against myeloma cancer cells is the first new, promising therapy mentioned. HuLuc63 is currently being studied in France, Isreal and the US. Anyone