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13 05, 2011

Medical Update: Long Day At Moffitt Cancer Center Ends In Disappointment…

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Yesterday my wife, Pattie, and I spent the day in Tampa at Moffitt Cancer Center. The day wasn’t spent taking tests. We were there to meet with a social worker and plan housing for my impending stem cell transplant, tentatively scheduled for the second week in June—and to hear what my myeloma specialist, Dr. Melissa

26 02, 2010

My Multiple Myeloma Is Back

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For the past six months, Dr. Anderson in Minnesota and Dr. Alsina at Moffitt Cancer Center here in Florida have been closely monitoring my IgG kappa paraprotein levels through blood work.  After two years of complete response (CR) or remission, my last two lab reports indicated my myeloma might be returning—although the M-spike (the test