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28 06, 2010

IMF Sponsored Multiple Myeloma Video Updates From ASCO.

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Here is the link to a Website called Patient Power.  The topic:  Multiple Myeloma Updates From ASCO.This International Myeloma Foundation ACOR video presentation features Dr. Paul Richardson from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and head of transplantation and Dr. Sergio Giralt from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.  Worth a look!Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

12 05, 2010

An Ambiguous Multiple Myeloma Maintenance Therapy Study Is Still Worth A Look

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Here is a research study abstract I found on, posted May 11, 2010:Maintenance with thalidomide improved PFS, not OS in multiple myeloma.Maintenance therapy with thalidomide extended PFS for patients with multiple myeloma, but such therapy did not result in a similar benefit for OS, according to results from a European study.From August 2001 to