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14 12, 2015

Back to ASH: Ninlaro and Pomalyst combo promising

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Before I pass along important information about Takeda's new oral proteasome inhibitor, Ninlaro (ixazomib), I wanted to share an update about how I'm doing. Much better, thank you very much!  Squirting a shot of vancomycin liquid into the back of my mouth (yuck) every six hours seems to be doing the trick. Another antibiotic, Flagyl,

25 11, 2015

Financial aid: Takeda wants to help. Lets work together

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I had an opportunity to interview several Takeda Pharmaceutical team members about the company's new oral, proteasome inhibitor, Ninlaro (ixazomib), yesterday afternoon. I have heard from dozens of patients who find themselves stuck paying thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for two established oral chemotherapy drugs, Revlimid and Pomalyst. I'm concerned that the same obstacles might face

23 09, 2015

Update on ixazomib

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Don't sleep on ixazomib. My sources tell me to expect a flood of positive data about Takeda's oral proteasome inhibitor (MLN9708) at this year's ASH in Orlando. We should get a glimpse of things to come at the 15th International Myeloma Workshop (IMW 2015) in Rome, Italy, from September 23 to 26, 2015. Ixazomib is

9 09, 2015

Ixazomib granted priority review by FDA

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The myeloma world doesn't stop spinning just because I'm waiting for test results. With so much excitement surrounding the immunotherapies elotuzumab and daratumumab, another promising new drug, ixazomib (MLN9708), is often overlooked. That's a mistake, especially for patients that have successfully responded to Velcade and/or Kyprolis. This morning the FDA granted the oral proteasome inhibitor

8 03, 2015

Experts discuss new drugs likely to be approved by FDA

Tags: , , |0 Comments posted a six member panel discussion about the two experimental drugs most likely to be approved next by the FDA: elotuzumab and ixazomib (MLN9708). The impressive group of panelists included doctors James R. Berenson, Sundar Jagannath, Shaji Kumar, Sagar Lonial, Keith K. Stewart and Jeffrey A. Zonder.  Here's a write-up about the exchange, along

13 02, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: A tale of two promising myeloma therapies

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I'm delaying a follow up post I've been working on, Reaching patients in need can be challenging, to bring you some important news concerning two important new drugs--ixazumib and SAR650984--and the companies that make them. Ixazomib first.  An oral proteasome inhibitor, ixazomib (MLN9708) was developed by Millinnium Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Early clinical trial results

31 10, 2014

Pat’s myeloma therapy plan

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Thank God pomalidomide is working for me!  But what do we do once it's not?  Dr. Roy and I had a chance to discuss that on Monday. First the good news.  Dr. Roy's gut feeling is that POM should work well for quite some time.  And statistics back him up.  Patients that respond like I

28 09, 2014

Which new myeloma drug will the FDA approve next?

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There are a half dozen experimental anti-myeloma drugs nearing the end of the research pipeline.  Which is most likely to be approved and when? A biologic immunotherapy drug like elotuzumab or daratumumab?  Millennium's new oral proteasome inhibitor, MLN9708? Although it only works well when combined with another drug like Revlimid, elotuzumab is the farthest along. 

21 11, 2013

Staggering amount of myeloma related data to be revealed at this year’s ASH (Part Two)

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I promised more information about the upcoming American Society of Hematology (ASH) meetings in New Orleans; specifically data from promising clinical trials and laboratory studies that will be presented there.  Last week I ran these posts: Staggering amount of myeloma related data to be revealed at this year’s ASH (Part One)   Innovative genetic diagnostics

8 10, 2013

Myeloma News and Views: proteasome inhibitors

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Big news in the myeloma world last week.  Onyx, the company that developed and manufactures the newly FDA approved proteasome inhibitor, Kyprolis (carfilzomib), was purchased by Amgen for a whopping 9.7 billion dollars. If you would like details, I ran a press release about it on our sister site,, October 1st: I wrote