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Jim Bond

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22 04, 2014

22 year myeloma survivor shares longevity secrets

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It hasn't been easy.  22 year survivor, Jim Bond, credits four stem cell transplants (two autos and a pair of allos) along with new myeloma therapies for his longevity. Jim and his unflappable wife and caregiver, Kathleen, have been at this a long time.  They shared secrets about their challenging life together on this month's

20 03, 2014

Allo transplants an elective procedure? Not for the feint of heart!

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We've been following three different allogeneic (donor) transplant patients this year; Tom, Neil and Jim.  It's a small sample, but it seems to be representative of the risk/reward associated with having one. I thought I would give everyone a chance to take a break and decompress after learning of Neil's passing.  But after touching base

18 03, 2014

Oncology nurses sound off about oral chemotherapy

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Remember Jim Bond?  I featured the long lived multiple myeloma survivor in several Patient Snapshot posts last year.  Last week I heard from his lovely wife and caregiver, Kathleen.  She says Jim is doing great! Apparently the only serious complication resulting from Jim's allo (donor) stem cell transplant a year and a half ago: graft

28 07, 2013

Myeloma research team at Dana-Farber among the world’s best!

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Melanie Graham from Dana-Farber contacted me last week to let me know about an article featuring Dr. Anderson, Dr. Richardson and their colleague, Dr. Nikhil Munshi.  Myeloma geeks like me know that Ken Anderson and Paul Richardson are two of the most renowned myeloma specialists in the world.  If they made sets of baseball cards

22 05, 2013

Hip check leads to reality check: Multiple myeloma survivors are TOUGH!

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My "hip check" headline isn't a NHL hockey reference.  Tuesday I headed down to Moffitt Cancer Center to get the staples removed from my incision and undergo a surgical follow-up, three weeks after my right hip was replaced. The doctor confirmed what I already knew; the surgery was a rousing success and my recovery is

24 03, 2013

Patient Snapshot Update: Transplant warriors Mark Parsons, Richard Blustein and Jim Bond

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Great news about three of our recent Patient Snapshot featured friends, Mark Parsons Richard Blustein and Jim Bond.  All are doing well. Mark has been discharged following what is hoped will be a successful auto (using his own cells) stem cell transplant.  He is currently staying at a Hope Lodge in Ohio (see Jim Bond's

25 02, 2013

Patient Snapshot: 21 year survivor, Jim Bond (Part One)

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I first heard Jim Bond's myeloma story four years ago.  I met Jim and his wonderful wife, Kathleen, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  We had volunteered to help Millennium Pharmaceuticals start a patient advisory board.  As we got to know each other in-between meetings, I learned that Jim was a sixteen year survivor, from Shaker Heights, Ohio,