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13 03, 2013

JQ1 Update: Dr. Bradner’s Harvard Medical School team continues to impress

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The prestigious, well known mainstream publication, The Atlantic, included noted cancer research scientist, Harvard Medical School's Jay Bradner, as a part of their Brave Thinkers series.  If you recall, Dr. Bradner has been working on the potentially game changing anti-cancer compound, JQ1. Jay Bradner, Research Scientist, Harvard Medical School Two years ago, after Jay Bradner

29 08, 2012

Dr. Bradner weighs-in on JQ1 debate

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Two weeks ago I re-visited the promising new anti-cancer therapy, JQ1, after learning that JQ1 may also hold the key to male contraception. If you haven't been following along,  last summer a group of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute scientists reported that they had "successfully disrupted the function of a cancer gene involved in the formation of most

12 04, 2012

Three exciting new anti-cancer therapies where researchers worked “outside the box”

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Yesterday I shared the exciting--if possibly a bit premature--news about the experimental immunotherapy drug, ImMucin. Today, I would like to alert you to another possible major breakthrough in across-the-board cancer therapy:  CD47. Although not specifically tested against multiple myeloma, this drug may some day help us--as well as thousands of other solid tumor cancer victims.

7 11, 2011

More about Dr. Bradner and JQ1

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Here is an excerpt from another informative article about Dr. James (Jay) Bradner and his research team at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute: Disrupting a cancer gene Novel approach scores first success against elusive cancer gene - HARVARD gazette Scientists at Harvard-affiliated Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have successfully disrupted the function of a cancer gene involved in the

1 11, 2011

JQ1 discovery worth a second look…

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I had a feeling that I might be "stirring things up a bit" when I wrote yesterday's article, New multiple myeloma research video is "smokin' hot"... But is there any real fire there? But the response has been overwhelming.  The thing many of you don't realize, is if three comments show-up following a particular blog

31 10, 2011

New multiple myeloma research video is “smokin’ hot”… But is there any real fire there?

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If you haven't seen it yet, watch this YouTube video which has gone viral among the multiple myeloma patient community: No question that it is an exciting presentation!  But everyone should probably take a step back and calm down a bit. Why?  How could I be critical of such a hopeful video? Well, critical

5 09, 2011

Researchers Hope Shutting-Down MYC May Be Key To Defeating Myeloma

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As you know, I usually post information about sub-clinical multiple myeloma therapies on my site. But I wanted to share this exciting news from Dana-Farber researchers that I just found posted on Novel Approach Scores First Success Against Elusive Cancer Gene Dana-Farber Cancer Institute scientists have successfully disrupted the function of a cancer