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9 05, 2015

Urinary tract infection unlikely villain causing my fever

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The mystery infection revealed itself to me.  My urine was darkening by the day, accompanied by tell-tale stinging.  They say urinary tract infections (UTIs) are unusual in men.  Good to know I'm not just another guy! My fever broke 24 hours after I started taking Levaquin.  Undeniable symptoms appeared the same day.  We looked up

5 05, 2015

Mystery infection hanging on

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My four day long, unrelenting fever is ongoing.  I described it as a "neutropenic" fever yesterday, because it felt so much like a half dozen others I've had in the past.  Turns out I was wrong. These were asymptomatic fevers, triggered by low neutrophil (mature white blood cell) counts following my first autologous (using my

16 08, 2014

I’m sick…

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Never a dull moment.  I woke up last night with a 101 degree fever.  It's my fault; I pushed too hard this week. I'm not ashamed to admit that getting sick like this is unsettling.  I'm congested and an upset stomach makes it difficult to eat.  I spent the day sleeping and trying to stay