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25 09, 2011

Easy To Understand Background About Multiple Myeloma/Blood Cancer Research

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Here are excerpts from an article I found online at Ann It provides an unexpected, easy to understand background into the study of myeloma, leukemia and lymphoma... Studying blood cancers has helped unlock mysteries of disease, paved the way to better treatments By Betsy de Parry - Community Contributor The blood cancers — leukemia,

25 01, 2011

I Just Finished My First Day As A Caregiver Again…

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As my regular readers probably know, my wife Pattie is a three time cancer survivor.  She had three different cancers--all before my diagnosis around four years ago.No--my wife doesn't have cancer again, thank God!  But our adopted "son," Finnegan does.  Finnegan is an eight year English pointer mix.  A shelter dog, we saved Finn from

1 02, 2010

Long-term Outcomes of Autologous Transplantation in Multiple Myeloma: Significant Survival Benefit of Novel Drugs in Post-transplantation Relapse

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The following study was published January 22nd of this year in Cinical Lymphoma & Myeloma.  I found and accessed the study using my journalist credentials/membership on Medscape Today.  I won't post the entire study, just the abstract, discussion and conclusion.  This is a study completed in the Czech Republic--not that there is anything wrong with

5 10, 2009

What About Multiple Myeloma?

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On my other blog, www.HelpWithCancer.Org, Pattie and I just commented about the NFL and how the league is helping to raise breast cancer awareness by having players and coaches wear pink shoe laces, hats and accessories before, during and after the games. Anyway, short and sweet, here is what we wrote:The NFL Looks Good In

20 08, 2009

Reflections Of A Clinic Day

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At the mid-point of my three hour IV here in Osceola Medical Center, I thought I would take a moment and reflect on the experience. I just wrote about the two brave and wonderful women sharing the treatment room with me today on our other blog, www.HelpWithCancer.Org. Lois is here with her husband Butch. Lois