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9 06, 2015

Dr. Rajkumar shares list of most important ASCO trials

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Renowned Tweeter, Cindy from New Jersey, @Myeloma Teacher, passed along Dr. Vincent Rajkumar's Top Seven myeloma-related abstracts from this year's American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meetings in Chicago: Top 7 #ASCO15 #Myeloma Abstracts - @VincentRK 7- Panorama - tml 6- Elo- Vd vs Vd - tml 5- CHAMPION - 4-CALGB Len

11 04, 2015

Oops! I Forgot my own anniversary…

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The 8th anniversary of my multiple myeloma diagnosis has unceremoniously come and gone:            April 3rd, 2007. I've been so busy tying up loose ends following our beach party event, I lost track of time.  And then there's the unavoidable therapy fork-in-the-road decision I'm facing.  Honestly, the day and date that

27 03, 2015

Why can’t I get my doctors to step up and help me!

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Last night I had the opportunity to interview one of the busiest stem cell transplant experts in the United States: Dr. William Bensinger from Seattle.  I try not to ask personal medical questions during my interviews.  But now is not the time to stick to shy and stick to the script! My first two questions

20 11, 2014

Listin to brodcasts featuring myeloma’s best: Dr. Gareth Morgan (UAMS) and Dr Vincent Rajkumar Mayo Clinic

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Sorry for the delay.  Cure Talks (new name, updated site) has been under construction.  Click on the link below: Then drop down under first large graphic and click on the "go" arrow on the right side to listen.  It's worth the trouble! Cure Talks Director, Priya Menon, promises access will be easier next time. 

18 11, 2014

Early myeloma related ASH announcements

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I've very excited!  Yesterday my registration materials arrived for next month's American Society of Hematology (ASH) annual meetings in San Francisco.  And like clockwork, researchers and pharmaceutical companies have started issuing press releases promoting presentations featuring clinical trial results to be presented there. Here are two early examples.  Keep in mind that a lot new

27 09, 2014

Is an allogeneic transplant a good option for me?

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Once again, the comments and emails I received concerning the quest for my next best therapy option rocked!  They are intelligent, well reasoned and most helpful.  Thank you!  Also, I have some new news on the allo front.  Too much to cover to put this off until Monday. Nick, I will get to your comprehensive,

19 09, 2014

Relapsed/refractory patients face difficult choices

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I reported back Wednesday afternoon after meeting with my myeloma specialist, Dr. Roy, at Mayo Clinic.  The contrast between Dr. Roy's slow and steady incremental therapy approach, and the "hit the myeloma hard" Total Therapy approach preferred by Dr. Tricot on Wednesday night's broadcast couldn't have been more stark. Dr. Tricot enthusiastically stated that he

16 09, 2014

Pomalidomide hang-over

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I felt pretty lousy Sunday, yesterday afternoon and now this morning.  Me?  A hangover?  I don't think the one beer I had Saturday evening while watching college football caused it.  Nope, it's the pomalidomide. Monday afternoon and I didn't feel well.  Fatigue and shortness of breath were most notable.  Today I just don't feel like