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6 10, 2014

60 Minutes broadcast investigates high cost of blood cancer drugs

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I have expressed concern about the high cost of chemotherapy meds for me and my fellow multiple myeloma patients a number of times.  So last night's 60 Minutes report about it really hit home. Here is an excerpt of the transcript that hits closest to home, featuring M.D. Anderson oncologist, Dr. Hagop Kantarjian discussing Gleevec,

11 07, 2014


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After the obligatory 2 year waiting period following my approval to receive Social Security Disability (SSDI), I became eligible to receive Medicare.  I respectfully declined it.  Turns out my instinct were right! First, a comment.  Being forced to wait for medical coverage for two years when many patients need help NOW is wrong.  It's just

4 11, 2012

Good news! Myeloma patients can qualify to see specialists that don’t take Medicare

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I have received several emails and comments recently about myeloma specialists that don't take Medicare.  If handled correctly, there are few if any institutions that won't!  But you may need to act fast.  Here's how it's done: I have been working with my good friend, Richard Blustein of Spring Hill, Florida, on a 4th book

23 08, 2011

Why Won’t Medicare Pay For A Myeloma Patient To Collect And Store Their Stem Cells? THAT’S CRAZY!

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In yesterday's article about stem cell transplants for older multiple myeloma patients, I mentioned in passing how Medicare might have an issue with harvesting first and transplanting later. My source was a myeloma survivor named Walt, and his wife and caregiver, JaneClare.  While speaking with them last week during our local Nature Coast Multiple Myeloma

8 01, 2010

Follow – Up: Social Security Disability Denial For Crippled Multiple Myeloma Patient

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I recieved a number of e-mails in response to Wednesday's blog post with advice for fellow multiple myeloma patient, Deb, who was recently denied Social Security Disability Benefits, even though she has lost four inches in height and cannot walk unassisted.  The consensus:  Get an attorney!  Isn't it a shame someone so obviously in need

19 09, 2009

Revlimid vs Medicare

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According to the Medicare guidelines, out-patient chemotherapy should be covered under Medicare Part B. So why aren't oral chemotherapy drugs like Revlimid covered? I became eligible for Medicare benefits this month. But I am running into a number of challenges. First, Medigap insurance enrollment isn't guaranteed for beneficiaries under age 65. (I'm only 53) And