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7 12, 2013

Why doctors shouldn’t discard tried and true therapies for shiny new models

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Yesterday I wrote about the first half of the pre-ASH symposium, Critical Issues Need Answers: Providing Best Options for Myeloma Treatment in 2013. Picking up where I left off Friday, Dr. Jesus San-Miguel argued for using melphalan as part of induction therapy for elderly patients.  Interestingly, fellow European, Italian Dr. Antonio Palumbo, argued no.  Rarely

14 11, 2013

Helpful reader contributions

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I've received dozens of email testimonials from myeloma patients and caregivers this week, raving about how well acupuncture has helped to minimize their peripheral neuropathy (PN) symptoms.  I'm convinced! Could I ask readers that have tried acupuncture to share how you've manage to pay for it.  Covered by insurance?  Medicare? Purdue University researcher, Gary Blau,

9 04, 2012

The crazy world of “myeloma research speak”

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Most of you probably know that I have been working on several new books about multiple myeloma.  My third book, New Myeloma Therapies from a Patient's Perspective, will be published and available by the end of this month.  Researching this book reminded me about how difficult it can be to understand "myeloma research speak."  It

22 12, 2011

Should multiple myeloma patients fear secondary cancer risk?

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The risk of developing a secondary cancer following years of ongoing treatment was a red-hot issue one year ago. Why?  A clinical study--presented at last year's ASH meetings in Orlando--showed multiple myeloma patients have an 8% risk of developing a secondary cancer if they use Revlimid maintenance following a stem cell transplant. The day following

20 02, 2011

The IMF and International Myeloma Working Group Agree: No Evidence Long Term Use Of Revlimid Causes Secondary Cancer In Patients Who Have Not Undergone Stem Cell Transplantation

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Friday I wrote an article about the International Myeloma Foundation's (IMF) response to the new Revlimid/secondary cancer controversy:  The International Myeloma Foundation's Official Statement Concerning Data Linking Long Term/Post Transplant Revlimid Use To Secondary Cancers.While I was preparing the article, I corresponded several times with Robin Touhy, Regional Director of Support Groups for the IMF's

18 02, 2011

The International Myeloma Foundation’s Official Statement Concerning Data Linking Long Term/Post Transplant Revlimid Use To Secondary Cancers

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Wednesday, the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) hosted a private conference call.The call featured Dr. Brian G.M. Durie, of Cedar Sinai Cancer Center, and Dr. Ken Anderson, of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, who offered their personal views on the issue of Second Primary Cancers in the ongoing treatment of multiple myeloma in a private conference call to

7 12, 2010

More About New Revlimid Data Showing Elevated Risks Of Developing Secondary Malignancies With Prolonged Use

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Celgene shares plummet on Revlimid malignancy dataBy Toni Clarke - BOSTON - Mon Dec 6, 2010 BOSTON (Reuters) - Celgene Corp (CELG.O) shares fell more than 9 percent on Monday after data was reported that showed an increase in the risk of secondary malignancies in certain patients taking its blood cancer drug, Revlimid, for extended

8 11, 2010

Hope For Multiple Myeloma Patients When Revlimid & Velcade Stop Working

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I have received a number of calls and e-mails recently from patients who's multiple myeloma has become active again while using Revlimid, Velcade, or both.  Here is a short, hopeful response I found addressing this on the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) Website:Treatment Options for Relapsed or Refractory Patients Failing Revlimid and Velcade: Q&A with

11 10, 2010

New Italian Study Shows Two Different Approaches To Treating Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Patients Both Work–But Stem Cell Transplants Still Achieve Highest Percentage Of Complete Response (CR)

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e-CancerMedicalScience/Oncology ran a story about the ESMO 35 Italian study Sunday:ESMO 35: High response rates seen in Phase-III trial of chemotherapy, new drug and stem cells in myelomaPublished: 10/10/2010 15:01:57 The first study of its kind comparing two different approaches to treating newly diagnosed multiple myeloma has found that both treatments achieved a positive response,

30 06, 2010

Europe Behind U.S. In Options For Myeloma Therapy

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Here are the results from a study released this week at a large European Hematology Event in Barcelona, Spain.  I found this on a medical professionals only site, Pharmacy Europe:Phase III studies demonstrate significantly superior progression free survival with continuous revlimid therapy in diagnosed multiple myelomaMonday, June 28, 2010Data presented at the European Haematology Association’s annual congress in

1 05, 2010


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My good friend at Millennium, Manisha Pai, forwarded me this press release about the new VISTA/Velcade study results last evening:-- Front-line use of VELCADE with melphalan and prednisone improves clinical benefit compared to conventional treatment --CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 29, 2010 -- Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company today announced the publication of results from the 682-patient,

12 04, 2010

Patient Reader Shares His Concerns About Low Testosterone Levels Among Male Multiple Myeloma Patients

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Here is an e-mail I recieved Saturday from a new reader, John, who is concerned about the effects chemotherapy treatments may have on males with multiple myeloma:Pat...As a fellow MM patient, I've noticed a lack of information regarding the impact of MM treatments on testosterone production. As a result of either SCT, melphalan, Revlimid it

8 03, 2010

Retired Oncologist Herman Kattlove: "I was wrong – transplants work for multiple myeloma:"

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Here is part of an interesting blog post from a retired oncologist, Dr. Herman Kattlove, titled  "I was wrong – transplants work for multiple myeloma:"... Over the last 10 years, treatment has improved. During most of my practice years, the main treatment was a pill called melphalan. It didn’t cause many side effects and often

24 01, 2010

Back To Basics: What Is Induction Therapy, & Why Is It Important For Treating Multiple Myeloma?

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Recent e-mails have reminded me just how many newly diagnosed patients and/or caregivers log-on to this site each and every day.  Keeping this in mind, every week I am going to start a weekly series called "Back to Basics,"  designed to help bring our new readers up to speed.One question:  What is induction therapy?  According