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18 01, 2012

Nature Outlook series focuses on multiple myeloma

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Monday I shared a link-back to an article from Nature Magazine about the validity of using stem cell transplants as a primary anti-myeloma therapy;  featuring a lot about me and my transplant experience this past summer:  Stem cells: Transplants on trial This article is part of seventeen article feature called Nature Outlook, all about multiple

27 09, 2011

REVIEW: New Journal Article Compares/Contrasts Cure vs Control Debate Among Multiple Myeloma Specialists

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Confused about the wide range of multiple myeloma treatment philosophies and options? This research article from the latest Journal of American Hematology, called Blood, is a must read for anyone who is actively being treated for multiple myeloma. Please don't be intimidated. Why it may look imposing and difficult to understand at first glance, this

14 05, 2011

Replay Of Thursday’s Missing Article Following System Crash: Individualized Dosing Key To Minimizing Side-Effects In Multiple Myeloma Patients

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As I shared with you late in the day on Friday, Blogger was down for about 18 hours Thursday night and most of Friday:  I Apologize For Technical Difficulties... Inconvenient, but no big deal. But it was a big deal that when the hosting platform came back online, Thursday's post was missing.  Thanks to a

29 04, 2011

Dropping Dexamethasone From Multiple Myeloma Therapy May Help Reduce Infection Risk

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I'm always interested in what different physicians and nurses groups are posting about multiple myeloma. Click on the headline link below to access an interesting article, about how dropping dex from a myeloma patient's chemo mix can help reduce risks of infection: For Multiple Myeloma Patients at High Risk for Infection, Chemotherapy without High-dose Dexamethasone Can Help

14 04, 2011

Celgene Helps International Myeloma Foundation By Sponsoring The "Create A Kite For A Cause" Fundraising Promostion

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One of our regular readers, named Linda, forwarded me info about this IMF fundraiser, sponsored by Celgene.  Simply click-on the headline link to reach the site:Multiple Expressions:  Create a Kite for a Cause.                                 Celgene has promised to donate "up to" $25,000 per year through the promotion.  I'm not sure how much is contributed per kite.Cute idea! 

10 04, 2011

Interesting Toronto Sun Story/Interview With Multiple Myeloma Survivor Lisa Ray

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Some of you may have already been following the story of international actress Lisa Ray's multiple myeloma diagnosis.  I ran an article about her a week or two ago: Link To Canadian Multiple Myeloma PSA Featuring Actress Lisa Ray Here is link to an enlightening interview she gave the last week: Actress' journey 'to

2 04, 2011

This Is Very Rare: Reader Reports A Friend Has Been Diagnosed With Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia AND Multiple Myeloma…

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Here is a link back to an article I wrote today on my site, about one of our regular readers who has a type of lymphoma called Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia:An Inside Look At A Rare Form Of Lymphoma,Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia.Doesn't this slide look a lot like multiple myeloma?The reader,Peter, is studying-up on multiple myeloma because he has

29 03, 2011

Reader Reactions Reflect The Impact Of Geraldine Ferraro’s Death On The Multiple Myeloma Community

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Geraldine Ferraro's death continues to generate lots of interest among the multiple myeloma community.  Here is a link to an article which is a perfect example of this:What is Multiple Myeloma? What are the Symptoms & Risk Factors That Took the Life of Geraldine Ferraro?Two emails I received yesterday touched-on important aspects about what we can learn--and

26 03, 2011

British General Practicioners Are Well Versed In Identifying Multiple Myeloma Symptoms. Hope Doctors In The U.S. Are Paying Attention…

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Last week, I spoke to a gathering of between 50 and 60 multiple myeloma patients and caregivers in Atlanta.  Here is a link to the article I wrote about the event:  A Pair Of Hopeful Messages From Atlanta.One of those "hopeful messages" concerned creating awareness among health professionals, helping them spot myeloma early.  Here is

22 03, 2011

Philadelphia Area Doctor Performs "Bloodless" Stem Cell Transplants

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Here is an excerpt from, and link to, a new story about a doctor who specializes in doing "bloodless" stem cell transplants.  A multiple myeloma patient is featured in the story...What is bloodless surgery?March 22, 2011 - ABC Action News - Philadelphia - By Ali Gorman, RN....Dr. Patricia Ford performs so-called "bloodless" bone marrow transplants. To

21 03, 2011

Wisconsin Teacher’s Inspirational Life Ended By Multiple Myeloma

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Last month a reader sent me a link to this inspirational story about a beloved teacher in the Milwaukee Public School System, Rich Ringland.  Here is an excerpt from that story.  Mr. Ringland died from multiple myeloma:Ringhand known as 'Math Man'MPS teacher's expectation of students helped make a differenceBy Amy Rabideau Silvers of the Journal

21 03, 2011

Vertebroplasty From An Australian Perspective

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I have heard both good and bad about using vertebroplasty to help relieve nerve compression and pain caused by myeloma related complications.  Let's see what the Australians have to say about the procedure:Vertebroplasty backed despite criticismsTony James - Rheumatology UpdateThe Interventional Radiology Societyof Australia has hit back atrecent criticisms of vertebroplasty,recommending the procedurebe used judiciously

14 03, 2011

Sources Of Financial Aid For Multiple Myeloma Patients – The Basics

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Friday I announced that I Will Be Running A Series Of Articles Next Week, Designed To Help Multiple Myeloma Patients Find Sources Of Financial Aid.Its early Monday morning, so let's get started.  We will focus on programs for patients living in the U.S. first.  Wednesday, we will take a look at how Canadian patients deal

13 03, 2011

3rd Annual Sweetwater Paddle for the Cure Benefits The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

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I recently learned about an innovative fundraiser to help multiple myeloma research in the Tampa area.  Called Sweetwater's Paddle for the Cure, friends tell me it is a fun way to help raise lots and lots of money!  Yesterday I emailed event founder, Dr. Arnie Goodman, for his thoughts about the event, and why he

12 03, 2011

Valuable Series Of Articles In The Myeloma Beacon About Using Vaccines To Help Enhance Multiple Myeloma Therapies

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The Myeloma Beacon continued its ongoing series Friday with a look at a variety of multiple myeloma vaccines currently being studied: New Advances In Myeloma Vaccines – Part 4: Ongoing Research By Melissa Cobleigh - Mar 11, 2011 Simply click-on the headline above and read all about it.  Very comprehensive and cautiously optimistic article. Feel