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18 01, 2013

Close to a myeloma cure? Depends how you define “cure”

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Who knew?  Defining a "cure" for multiple myeloma may be as difficult as actually achieving it!  Watch this short Patient Power video and see if you can figure it out... My friend, Andrew Schorr, does such a good job with these video interviews.  But in this case, I think we needed more.  Dr. Craig

16 09, 2012

Have myeloma docs been too quick to dismiss option of using allo (donor) stem cell transplants as initial therapy?

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Allogeneic (donor) stem cell transplants aren't used much in multiple myeloma patients anymore.  And when they are, it is most often as a salvage therapy "hail Mary" type last resort that usually doesn't work very well. However, several of our regular readers have had good luck whith allos when used up-front as an early therapy.

2 12, 2011

What an amazing experience! (Part One)

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Wednesday I took part in a media press event at the Charles Hotel in historic Cambridge, Massachusetts, located just across the river from Boston. Titled Surrogates or Survival: A Discussion on Endpoints in Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trials, the panel discussion  focused on the role of progression free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS) data in

15 04, 2011

Cross Referencing Research Data World-Wide Holds Best Chance For Multiple Myeloma Cure

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Here is a link to an important video, forwarded me by David over at Working With - News for Blood Cancer Patients and their Caregivers:Question: Who will build the disease models soon capable of providing the powerful insights to cure patients?  Answer: You! The idea of patients and researchers collaborating to help form a global community

23 11, 2010

Follow-Up Comments From Institute for Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research Executive Director Geoffrey Gee

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I just received this e-mail in response to Sunday's article, Research Targets Pleiotrophin In Promising Anti-Myeloma Therapy, about how the Institute for Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research was working to develop a cure for multiple myeloma:Pat- Just wanted to throw in my two cents worth. This is how I express our focus: The Cure Myeloma Project