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15 11, 2010

England Makes Tough Decisions About Which Multiple Myeloma/Cancer Drugs To Allow

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Here is an in-depth, candid look at the English system of state controlled health care, where recommendations from a group of English physicians and medical experts known as NICE sometimes limits patient access to some drugs the group deems ineffective or too expensive.For example, NICE allows use of Thalomid or Velcade, but not Revlimid in

5 09, 2010

Another Example Of How High Cost Of Anti-Myeloma Chemotherapy Drugs May Restrict Patient Accsess

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Last week I passed along a surprising and disappointing report about how the use of Revlimid was possibly going to be restricted in the UK. Here is a follow-up article, listing thalidomide as the approved alternative. Why? Cost of course! Guess they don't care if British multiple myeloma patients limp around with peripheral neuropathy--as long