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5 05, 2011

While We Are Waiting For Meaningful, Patient Related News From Myeloma Workshop In Paris: Fascinating Article About Using Vaccines To Stop Multiple Myeloma Before It Starts…

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Check this out... Easy to read, yet detailed article from MIT's Technology Review about using vaccines to fight multiple myeloma.  Click-on the headline below to access the article: Biomedicine A Vaccine to Attack Cancer Early A startup is developing the first vaccine to target patients before they develop cancer. Wednesday, May 4, 2011 - By

17 04, 2011

New Smoldering Myeloma Vaccine On The Horizon

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I don't write enough about smoldering myeloma.  This "pre-bone marrow cancer" certainly isn't addressed regularly by established pharmaceutical companies. So I thought I would share this news release I found on the Boston Business Journal earlier this weekend, about a new drug company which is betting it's future on an experimental, anti-smoldering myeloma vaccine: OncoPep