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3 03, 2015

Kyprolis “superior” to Velcade?

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There has been a surprising amount of myeloma related news lately; the FDA's approval of panobinostat last week, and now the early release of data apparently showing that Kyprolis helps keep a relapsed patient's myeloma at bay longer than Velcade. My friends at Onyx (now part of Amgen) forwarded me the release announcing the news

7 12, 2013

Onyx to help fund IMF’s Black Swan Initiative

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After listening to a number of the world's top myeloma experts plead for better, more exacting diagnostics--and more definitive answers as to which patients should be treated with what drugs--news like this should be welcome indeed! The International Myeloma Foundation Announces Partnership With Onyx Pharmaceuticals to Support Black Swan Research Initiative(TM) Black Swan Research Initiative

8 10, 2013

Myeloma News and Views: proteasome inhibitors

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Big news in the myeloma world last week.  Onyx, the company that developed and manufactures the newly FDA approved proteasome inhibitor, Kyprolis (carfilzomib), was purchased by Amgen for a whopping 9.7 billion dollars. If you would like details, I ran a press release about it on our sister site,, October 1st: I wrote

9 09, 2013

More about Amgen; Black Swan series starts tomorrow

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Back in August I reported news that the large drug company, Amgen, planned to purchase Onyx Pharmaceuticals.  This was big news for multiple myeloma patients; Onyx developed and distributes Kyprolis (carfilzomib), a newly FDA approved proteasome inhibitor. Here are links back to my original posts: BREAKING NEWS: Amgen to buy Onyx Pharmaceuticals   Onyx/Amgen sale