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27 08, 2014

RESEARCH UPDATE: Kyrpolis and Total Therapy 3

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I have written a number of times about counter-intuitive research results involving progression free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS).  Here's another key example. I chose not to write about recent data from FOCUS, a key Kyprolis trial.  The drug's manufacturer, Onyx/Amgen, is attempting to garner FDA approval for myeloma patients that have relapsed two

1 08, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: For many, more Kyprolis is better

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A Stage 2 clinical trial has confirmed what many myeloma specialists already knew: increasing Kyprolis dosing improves patient outcomes. Here are the results, published in BLOOD and run in Hem Onc Today: Higher carfilzomib dose induced durable response in multiple myeloma A higher dose of carfilzomib induced a high overall response rate and “a remarkable

21 07, 2014

Cancer drug Nexavar: Why won’t myeloma researchers let go?

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In 2012, researchers became excited about the possibility that a drug used to treat thyroid, liver and kidney cancer, sorafenib (Nexavar), might work on multiple myeloma, too.  I hadn't heard much about it--until last week. Here are the results of yet another laboratory study, published Friday on the resource site: Two death pathways induced

20 12, 2013

Notable Kyprolis data from ASH

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2013 was a big year for Onyx Pharmaceutical and their novel therapy agent, Kyprolis (carfilzomib).  First, the FDA approved Kyprolis for use in relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma patients in July.  Next, Onyx was acquired by Amgen in October, providing a much needed cash infusion to help support a mounting list of clinical trials. Here's a summary

25 08, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Amgen to buy Onyx Pharmaceuticals

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This is BIG NEWS, especially for a Sunday afternoon: Amgen to Acquire Onyx Pharmaceuticals for $125 per Share in Cash Attractive Addition to Amgen's Leading Oncology Portfolio and Pipeline Kyprolis(R) (carfilzomib) for Injection Is at Early Stages of Launch in Multiple Myeloma; Showing Strong Physician Support Acquisition Expected to Contribute to Growth and Value for

1 04, 2013

Another busy week of myeloma research results

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Here's a reminder that researchers continue to grapple with multiple myeloma 24/7; clinical trial results will soon be poring-in from this week's International Myeloma Workshop in Kyoto, Japan: Onyx Pharmaceuticals Announces Proteasome Inhibitor Data Presentations at 14th International Myeloma Workshop Data on Carfilzomib and Oprozomib to Be Presented SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - April 01,

27 03, 2013

If not Velcade, what next? How about oprozomib?

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I was happy to delay Monday's ongoing conversation a day in honor of myeloma hero, Elijah Alexander.  Let's jump-start things today using Dr. Alsina's own words:  “Now would be a good time to do this.”  She said.  “Your myeloma is stable.  I would do it now.” She was referring to my queries about re-visiting the

9 09, 2012

News for myeloma patients about their bones

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Here are a pair of bone-related news stories that broke this past week: Myeloma Drugs May Help Build Bone By John Gever, Senior Editor, MedPage Today Published: September 07, 2012 Reviewed by Robert Jasmer, MD; Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco and Dorothy Caputo, MA, BSN, RN, Nurse Planner Two proteasome inhibitors developed for

6 08, 2012

An inside look at the creation of Onyx 360

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Every large pharmaceutical company has some sort of patient support program.  Most help low income patients gain access to their drugs, usually by providing free or discounted product. Last December at the American Society of Hematology (ASH) meetings in San Diego, several patients and staffers from the IMF were invited to a lunch meeting, hosted

21 07, 2012

How do I know the Kyprolis story is BIG NEWS? Mom called!

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Yes.  FDA approval of Onyx Pharmaceutical's new anti-myeloma drug,carfilzomib (trade name Kyprolis), is news.  Big news.  But let's remember why. Kyprolis is the first myeloma therapy approved by the FDA in six years. Surprised?  I was!  I learned about this while researching my new book, New Multiple Myeloma Therapies from a Patient's Perspective.  Considering all