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18 03, 2014

Oncology nurses sound off about oral chemotherapy

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Remember Jim Bond?  I featured the long lived multiple myeloma survivor in several Patient Snapshot posts last year.  Last week I heard from his lovely wife and caregiver, Kathleen.  She says Jim is doing great! Apparently the only serious complication resulting from Jim's allo (donor) stem cell transplant a year and a half ago: graft

5 08, 2011

Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act Deserves Our Support

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I try to not be too political here.  Cancer isn't a Republican or Democrat.  This initiative, supported by the International Myeloma Foundation, won't cost the taxpayers much.  But it will help thousands of cancer patients immediately: Please Help Eliminate Disparity in Coverage for Chemotherapy! Representative Brian Higgins (D-NY) has introduced legislation that will make oral

7 09, 2010

A Good Multiple Myeloma Patient Is A Well Informed Patient – Becoming More Involved May Save You Money & Your Life!

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Two weeks ago I started an ongoing series, Examining The High Cost Of Celgene's Multiple Myeloma Drugs. Writing these articles has been an interesting ride! I have heard from multiple myeloma patients in Europe, Asia and all across the United States. My column in last week's Myeloma Beacon, Pat’s Place: A Patient’s Reflections On The